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BUG: Delay of Game Penalty for Puck over Glass

Rule 63.2 wrote:
When any player shoots or bats (using his hand or his stick) the
puck directly (non-deflected) out of the playing surface from his
defending zone, except where there is no glass, a penalty shall be
assessed for delaying the game.

In game: Take a slap shot behind your own net trying to wrap it around the boards, but it hits the back of the net and goes over the glass = 2 minute delay of game penalty. Had this happen 3 times in 2 games.
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  • Shooting around the boards was broken in the beta.. made a thread about It months ago
  • Theres couple examples of that in the end of this vdeo

  • It is a futile attempt to try to rap the puck around the boards on your end. It always ends up with your player shooting the puck out of the rink and into a delay of game penalty. This has been this way for years now and it's never gonna get fixed.

    If they allowed you to dump the puck out on the boards correctly, imagine how much all the defensive playing users online would be winning most of their games by not allowing their opponents to just keep them pinned into their own defensive zone. That would be boring!!

    Naaaaaaaah, make them toss the puck over the glass pane, that's the ticket!
  • ...or how about being dead center more or less of the ice and flipping it straight up the ice (or so I thought) to only have it go at least a full 30 degrees to once side and up and over.
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