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What is the point of Classic 94 Collectibles?

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I currently have 6. Is a 77 or 80 Jagr literally the only things you can get with them?


  • Think they're only the 2 jagr options. I'm at 9, so I'm gonna go for the 80 jagr option.

    That said, it's probably gonna be useless for me, as my lowest players are 83 i think.
  • Yeah, this is just a free Gold card to reroll in your favorite set. But I urge caution!

    Last season by the time the 99OVR cards came out there were a ton of rerolls that could upgrade cards like these to 99s so I plan on keeping mine until the summer to see what shakes out.
  • EA released Mario and Wayne icon sets ...y
  • EA released Mario and Wayne icon sets ...y

    The NHL season hasnt even started yet and the amount of special editions are already ridiculous.
  • Taste maybe they know their game is so so and they need something to keep people interested until they can fix some of the issues ,which hopefully would be a week after the NHL season opens
  • WealthyFriends
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    They are actually getting really good reviews by online reviewers that probably haven't played online against puck raggers.
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