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HUT Rewards.

Hey folks. Just curious as to what you guys are finding has the best rewards from things like cs(obv up there) to things like draft champs and squat battles. Also curious as to what you've pulled. Thanks


  • Jeff_frm_Edmonds
    808 posts Member
    edited September 2019
    I had pretty good luck with the packs won over the EA Access trial and scored Base McDavid and Crosby. I sold McDavid but Crosby didn't sell so I'm using him now. I've not sniffed any Icon except for Brisebois but even at 82 he's doing well for me.

    Reward Packs for the most part are just items to reroll but rerolls continue to be junk. Oh well, we need to burn those Silvers somehow.

    I like the lower Gold Jersey reroll, down to 10 from 25 and I did get an Icon Collectable out of one of those.
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