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HUT matchmaking unbalanced

You're all prob going to laugh and shrug it off based on how poor EA is at matchmaking but...

I just started. I've played 3 online games and opened a few packs.

Why am I being matched against a player who has a team stacked with all-stars from Matthews, Marner, Point, Price, etc. all the way down.

In what world of gaming is this fair play? Why would I even want to play this game? If someone picks East or West allstars do you play as Arizona? No. Never. No one would enjoy playing a game where you are doomed to lose from the start and your opponents already have all the best players.

I haven't bought this game since '16. I see nothing has changed and remember why I won't buy this game again. This is crazy. Why are you people still playing? No other game on the planet is designed to make you want to quit after an hour of playing. Surely there is someone out there in matchmaking that has a roster more similar to mine. I went on a 21-0 streak in regular online play and I can't win a damn game of HUT online. This is a masterful design flaw.


  • Even Draft Champions seems to be off.

    I get Matthews and Tuch... the other player gets McDavid, Kucherov, Gaudreau, Nylander and E Kane.

    I played for the pack reward to try to improve my HUT team. What is my reward?

    The infamous German Dieter Orendorz... 59 OVR hailing from the Roosters. What is the f'ing point in any of this?

    I don't even want to do the math on the # of games I'd have to play and lose to buy 5 top players on the marketplace. Off-hand it's over 350. I'm already bored... and out.
  • That's the only way EA will learn. If everyone stops buying packs. Of course their will always be that one guy who thinks he's no hurting anything by doing it.
  • This year is by far the easiest year to bulid a solid team without cash. Your not gonna do it in 3 games and yes the matchmaking is poopoo. Stay offline until You can compete, You have to play the challenges, the open ones now give you like 6 packs for the 10 challenges, complete the trade in sets everytime you log in sooner or later you will get a good pull and its litterally just recycling trash get your dailies everyday,

    and with the addition of squad battles its time consuming yes, but its an easy 50-100k by finishing decently in the rankings. And it rewards good packs, don't waste your coins on packs as thats a good way to never grow your team unless you get incredibly lucky. Instead save the coins and buy a solid group with good synergies of 82-83 players they are very cheap and you can field a decent 85 overall team for just like 30k. Then save up for your 86 and 87s for 50k plus.

    Like I said not gonna happen in 3 games for you but it is very doable without cash. Moreso than any other year because squad battles are so easy
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