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NHL 20 Patch Details April 3rd

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NHL 20 clips and screenshots not showing up on xbox.com?

Is anyone else having issues viewing NHL 20 screenshots and clips on xbox.com? They don't show up for me or my buddies


  • Yes. That's an issue with XBL, not NHL. In fact a lot of newer games aren't having their clips posted to outside sources like XboxDVR and XboxClips, but they're ARE there in your list of captures.

    I think it's a change they recently made to their capture engine that changed the way these sites communicate with the Xbox Clips server which I believe are being housed on some type of One Drive cloud system.

    Right now there's nothing you can do except wait and hope Microsoft can find a fix to it. In the meantime you can still go into your Capture Editor app on the Xbox and post them to Youtube to share them.
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