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Please explain this stupid game development

So I stopped playing hut cuz of tilt 3 years ago. I figured it's time to see if that stupidity is out of the game yet but it isn't. Once again I try a high end player team and my ai works heavily against me. I get slow speed obliterating the intent of a high speed team design. Can't win a face off then I say forget it and put the controller down. Guess what my player wins two draws in a row with no user input. Start playing again make a pass and my player automatically dishes the puck off to nowhere land. Someone please explain to me how designing a game with the same control as a broken controller is acceptable from any vantage point. The cards were obtained fairly so why is there such brainless game design when you could achieve total fairness with decent matchmaking. This makes no sense to me a company can be so unintelligent.


  • Not going thru the process of downgrading my team to 82 overall just selling the game and not coming back to any EA titles. Kickstarter games only going forward
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    My GAA has basically doubled since upgrading my team and the games feel sluggish as all hell since going from 82 to 87 overall.

    Edit: I've only played Squad Battles.
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  • This “ice tilt” crap NEVER happens to me. If I roll out a crap team I have no chance. If a team is better than mine and the guy is even remotely good I’m toast. When I put in my best lineup, I’m ALWAYS better🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️
  • The game is not controlled only by players but by a secondary tuning which overrides your players you are not paying attention. With better players you will get much better handling but at the cost of gaining much slower momentum gain and much faster loss of momentum. It will be a struggle to find open ai, make passes especially back to the point and cross crease passing will repeatedly go to an unintended area or player covered resulting in a turnover. Good players pick a lower team to take a his advantage knowing in a fair game of skill it's a huge advantage to get free ai help which is very noticeable almost godlike once it starts. These same players usually play 1-4 allowing their ai to forcheck for turnovers again increasing their momentum. Further they wait at their blue line behind all their other players. Only good option around his is dump and chase which doesn't work...remember I also said passing back to point is broke in this situation. The result will always be the player hyper speeding down the ice and the ai goalie will almost always allow the easy first shot goal perpetuating the gain in momentum rinse repeat and think they are all stars. The game remains severely broken with no counter options except matching team cheese etc.
  • Doesn’t and has never happened that way to me....sorry. I never get any “ai boost” when I roll
    out a crap team. Also never have a problem beating a lame lineup when I roll out my best lineup. I think it’s all sore losers that need some excuse for their losing ways. If there was “evening out” stuff going on, nobody would have a great record and nobody would have a terrible record as, allegedly, the ai would help out the scrubs enough to avoid the bad records. But this is not the case. There are tons of guys with great recorded and slot with terrible records
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