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NHL 20 Patch Details April 3rd

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Puck Ragger '20

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I take back everything I thought I liked about this senseless garbage of a game.

Its the exact same thing every year. All the "good" players do is: Win every faceoff, and never let go of the puck.

You know who they are. The 1-4 trap players that literally never lose a game and play like they do the exact same thing every match.

You cant hit them because theyre just twirling in circles and back-spinning and apparently that makes them invincible.

Defense does nothing. You finally get the puck somehow and guess what, you cant even move!

They just walk all over you the entire game and your only option is to do nothing or rage quit.

Why does EA cater to these jerks every single year?!?

You know theres a problem when you have countless people that never lose a game EA!!!

I seriously doubt these guys just have the best "hockey sense" and skill....the problem is they thrive on expoiting your ridiculously broken game, Year after year, so congratulations


  • Especially this year when hitting has been nerfed so all you have to do is just turn your back and hold a ,or just hold the puck out ..this whole series needs a whole new development team one that actually listens to the community ,not just the bruh chel streamers
  • This is the last NHL I'm going to buy. They added two notable things and updated the roster and that's it. Worst one out so far. Wins and losses are predetermined in HUT to try and influence you to buy coins. They some how made passing worse. The soundtrack was designed by some inbred frat boy. Awful game. 1/10.
  • I agree this game need to change for the Defense. Last night playing def in club a guy 5'7" 169lbs Sniper with the speed and shooting traits is able to withstand hits from 6'2 200lbs TWD with hitting trait. I line up the hit perfect and all he does is puck protect and I bounce right off hit like he God and if I poke I risk myself by taking a penalty. So the next he comes down the ice I don't hit him I force him to the sideboards and try to stick lift him it work but when I get the I try to pass around the boards he bumps me and he takes the puck. So how is it that I can't hit him but he hit me I lose it. We lost the game by 5-7.

    So EA do you're job and fix this game.
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