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NHL 20 Content Update October 1st


  • jrago73 wrote: »
    So no tuner and you want feedback on the topics that are covering the first 2 pages of the forums? I can't even fake surprise anymore.

    Well it was smart to wait for people to buy the game and play games to really get a feel for the game and what isn't that great. Majority of the time people cry wolf over the littlest thing and once it gets changed they realized it wasn't so bad.
  • EpiCxOwNeD wrote: »
    Back skate should be nerfed to the ground. Plain and simple.

    Low speed hits “shoves” to the back in open ice shouldn’t be how they were in 19. However, when against the boards it don’t take much to separate the puck from the puck carrier the NHL. So lower end speed hits should be stronger along the boards to encourage passing and consequence for not moving the puck. Currently players won’t take the hit and bounce off of it and still maintain possession of the puck.

    You should label what system you are experiencing this on also. I think everyone needs to claim what console they are playing on when it comes to bumps/hitting.
  • Clappy,

    Here is a list of things I personally would love to see changed/implemented in a future revision...

    1. intercepting passes when looking/skating the wrong direction: sure it could happen by dumb luck if you have your stick down on the ice alreadyx but otherwise no it should not be happening.
    2. skaters abusing LT/L2: i would love to see it reverted back to the original NHL 20 beta back in July or August. it's still an overly abused technique that is not used in such a way in real hockey. at the very least make it so only the dangler class can use it in its current state.
    3. scoreboard location options: a lot of people dislike the new scoreboard. give us options. options are never a bad thing. i bet a ton of players would love to go back to the NHL 19 scoreboard. how many features can you honestly say that about?! =P
    4. goalie transparency: my main play mode is EASHL and my main position is goalie. i play in the fixed camera mode and from NHL 09-17 i played in the high camera for goalies, if that helps any. i'm experienced with multiple camera angles ok? so just like your old score board in the upper left corner used to go transparent when the puck was about to venture behind it, so too would i like to have an option in the settings to make my goalie become aomewhat transparent. whether it'a loose pucks, rebounds, or even a skater coming in super tight to me on breakways there are so many times that i (the human player) cannot see the puck and it's easy to panic sometimes.
    5. traits are addition by subtraction: it would be nice to not have to give so much in one rating just to gain in another. either do away from the subtractions, or give players the option which rating category they want points taken away from.
    6. tweak the unused traits/specialties: some of them are seemingly useless and go unused from what i notice. if you would like my ideas on a couple of these maybe we could connect on Twitter or something?

    Sorry for the extensive list but I play the crap out of the game every year, play it on both consoles, and have always had a huge interest in game design and balance so it'a nice to feel like EA is actually reading and considering consumer ideas.

    - immortalbmw
  • Froommey
    800 posts Member
    edited October 2019
    MaxPac67 wrote: »
    Froommey wrote: »
    Added season standings to calender screen ? It means we can open the past games at the calender to look for the statistics there ?

    What on earth makes you think that? They just added season standings to the calendar screen...

    :-) One point to show them the way to a better game. There are a lot of small peace's missing.
  • Great.. I was playing the 4th round of Draft Champions only to have the servers disconnect on me... there goes my premium pack.
  • It would be great if there were some servers added so people from the likes of New Zealand and Australia can play online with a good connection
  • dango892
    4 posts New member
    Not a single word on the auction house problems? The experience is terrible.
  • Yes sabres alternates are in the game
  • Still no new Hurricanes scoreboard. What a joke.
  • Kanger33
    2 posts New member
    Incidental contact and CPU puck interceptions have to be nerfed. It is by far the biggest issue with gameplay right now.
  • You didn't listen to us about the outdoor rinks and the shadows? Come on guys...
  • CooperDog3
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    edited October 2019
    Not really sure where to start,

    A. The overpowered holding the stick out 99 puck control with a 5'9 160 player with the inability to defend them or bump them

    B. Pass interception way too inconsistent and obnoxious, but yet a wide open team gets overlooked and the pass flys past him.
    B-1. Saucer passes very bad inconsistent

    C. Inability to deliver good hits, as your guy will bubble around them

    D. Stuck in 1 timer animations, gross

    E. Goalie unable to cover puck when it's under him, no whistle 10,000 poke checks and welp a goalie is called

    F. Shot aim is off

    I dont see how you guys cant see problems or maybe you just dont care about the EASHL community anymore. It's all always about hut. Well alot of us avid hockey buyers dont care about hut and just want a good game. You continue to put idiotic things in the game, but take out build your own character fixing attributes how we'd personally want them. And just overall the lack there of in trying to make this good. People who this this is the best hockey game yet are blind. Many may issues. I've played this game since 93 or 94. Really got into eashl in 09ish.

    This game makes me want to hire engineers and developers and create a game to make yours look silly. Please fix the bugs. Stop adding silly hats, scarfs, mouth pieces, sweatshirts, etc and fix the real issues.

    Thank you

    [Socair - edited swear filter]
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  • jrago73 wrote: »
    So no tuner and you want feedback on the topics that are covering the first 2 pages of the forums? I can't even fake surprise anymore.

    Does this update mean that there wont be an update to the actual problems for another month?
    EASHL player
  • jrago73 wrote: »
    So no tuner and you want feedback on the topics that are covering the first 2 pages of the forums? I can't even fake surprise anymore.

    Does this update mean that there wont be an update to the actual problems for another month?

    I'm guessing you weren't here last year? Sadly, many of the things we point out never get addressed.
  • Jeff_frm_Edmonds
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    edited October 2019
    What about Choice Packs??

    What items were not properly revealed?

    That's too vague.

    Nice additions with Squads but we really need to be the home team from time to time. I get to be the home team in FIFA, why not in NHL? Make this a priority for Squads in the next update please.
  • Who are the Binghamton Senators?
  • Pants99
    1 posts New member
    Fix issues for intercepting passes with one hand on your stick. It is a lot harder to control the puck especially on hard passes with one hand on your stick.
  • Why aren’t the rosters updated with players known to be on a particular team? For example Gusev with NJD.

    I can’t play “season” mode because players on the real team aren’t in the game yet
  • should use World Championship rosters for "International" ...ya get a nice mix of NHL, non-NHL (KHL) & Jr hockey players & the roster is actually different each yr
  • PLEASE do NOT make changes to losing the puck when L2ing at high speeds. If anything make it happen more often. It is still being exploited as a flaw in the game.

    Also a player should be rewarded for vision controlling in a passing lane and able to pick the pass off in that case FAR more than when their back is turned and they are skating away from the play.. As it stands now if you are facing the play it goes right through you, whereas if you are facing away your player no look picks it off...
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