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NHL 20 Content Update October 1st


  • Franchise: Glitch in the scouting. I believe there was an attempt to keep the players that are being scouted by other scouts in the same area on the screen. Unfortunately now players from other areas are in the scouting list. This sets the date back that the scouting is completed. I even have scouts scouting players that aren't being scouted by anyone. I like that NHL20 is significantly harder to scout than NHL19 but whelp.
  • b_kelly755 wrote: »
    In EASHL...

    It is WAY too easy to score on a penality shot or breakaway. Forehand-backhand EVERY time is a goal. Literally. Every time. Do that...goal.

    Not to mention, same glitch goal for last year, right handed shot, top of the circle wrist shot over the shoulder of the goalie. Goal. Every. Time.

    Please patch ASAP. EASHL is almost unplayable when you play a team that knows this.

    They would need to take the forsberg move out as well.
  • Make it more realistic and not glitch goals

    Learn defense and glitch goals are non existent
  • Board Play needs to go. Worst thing on the game

    Are you one of those that want this to be an unrealistic version of hockey lol? You're saying remove something from the game that is authentic to how real life hockey is. There are board plays in real life hockey, so no, they should not remove board playing.

    While they're at it, maybe they can remove saucer passes too because, hell, why not?

    The Ai dman will reach out and grab you. I was literally 5 feet from the boards skating away from him back to the o zone blue line when all of a sudden I get sucked into his gravitational pull.
    Board play would be fine if I was up against the boards. But a majority of the time I'm atleast 3-5 away from them when the Ai dman reach's out and grabs you.
  • Can you please fix the goalie save animations, and the puck cover up is still broken. It would be nice if you but goaltender interference back in the game, since it's in the real nhl. Its like all EA is doing is focusing on offense.. #NO LOVE FOR THE GOALIE SMH :/
  • Glitch for post whistle goal mouth scrums. Ai dman will grab you from behind, disappear, then reappear holding you from the front . Happens all the time. Worked graphically in nhl 19.
  • @NHLDev, @NHL_ONL_Producer, why did you change game play by this update and didn't announce it properly?
  • Another topic I'd like to see covered in the next update is NHL equipment. Hoping EA can get the rights to include some of the new popular equipment like the new CCM Tacks helmet and the Bauer Re-Akt 150. I'd also love to see some of the old favourites like the Bauer Re-Akt 95.
  • Gonna fix the rosters? A couple missing players on the Avalanche (Bowers and Timmins) which I’m sure isn’t the only team missing players
  • Why oh why EA would you mess around with the on ice gameplay? Your AI defenders no longer attack the puck pre update, teams rated in their 70's have now become ridiculously over their rating. Now one of my biggest frustrations the interceptions by the AI defenders has become over the top, pretty much they look at the puck and it's gone. Whoever thought that part of the update, make the AI smarter, needs to get back on and put back to the way it was ! 😠
  • Can we please finally get the correct fonts for the Leafs and a face scan for Kaspari Kapanen
    Oh and maybe the Ballard era jerseys they wore in the 70$ and 80s. Other then the lack of goalie and uniform customization I’m loving this years game
  • This is the first yr since 09 I’m waiting this long to get the game. EASHL remained the same, super disappointed. I thought for sure this would be the year they would intertwine be a pro and your skaters for EASHL. Give us a reason to grind. I’d love to start out as a 60 overall, ply regular season games in be a pro. Achieve goals to boost up the badges I selected for my player. Boost their overall too by plying good team hockey. The game is stale EA is very fortunate another company doesn’t make a better hockey gm. It wouldn’t be tough to beat this one. How ideas in my head are better then what their putting out is mind boggling. How cool would it be if there was 4 lines on offense and 3 lines on D. If your RW for your club, your responsible for setting each guys build then subbing all 4 in and out so everyone stays fresh. That’s our dream game boys n girls.
  • Worst case scenario if it’s too
    Much make a separate gm each yr just for Chel so that’s the main and only focus for that downloaded content. I hyped all my club members thinking this would be the yr all to be let down by EA. Hopefully next yr will be better.
  • juzma45
    2 posts New member
    Puck protection is way too powerful and unrealistic please fix that. And r1 clitch against AI in sb-mode. Otherwise perfect game
  • I honestly feel EA only pretends putting out a good gm is important to them. My club has supported the same boring gm for 4 yrs now
  • Fin the Whale's jersey needs to be fix. He's wearing last year's home jersey for the Canucks, and he should be wearing the new home jerseys for this year.
  • 1.) Just fix goalie covers
    2.) Remove blind pass interceptions
    3.) Nerf LT puck control big time or while holding LT make the players 100% pushed off the puck when touched and fall down getting them out of the play.
  • Make it more realistic and not glitch goals

    Learn defense and glitch goals are non existent

    Yeah. With all the talk in the forum about defense (and the lack there of), I can tell you're a forward player.
  • Maybe I am the only one who has this issue, or maybe I just can find it.....my son seems to think it's me.....but why is the "HITS" credit never seem to be an issue to anyone?? I mean since when do you only get credit for a "body check" when you send the guy into a new zipcode, or knock him to the ice. For example when you hit someone and it knocks them off the puck, stagger him, knock him backwards.......but he doesn't fall to the ice, or rattle the boards you do not get credit..... HELLO POWERS THAT BE....those are ALL considered body checks by the NHL and most gamers that I know.....and when you lose "stars" and coins because you can't get 5, 7, 8, 15 players to fly into the next area code, or go sliding across the ice to the other end.....well they it becomes and issue. Because honestly it took me doing 4 games against the worst club possible to get credit for 15 "HITS" for a daily.......this is really ridiculous but yet when I try to do it to get stars....I have YET to get the star for those items. No I am not a great player....I am average at best or even a little below average & when this game has no level of difficulty that the player can set.....well then the algorithm or section of program needs to be adjusted to allow for the .... NOT EVERYONE CAN DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!.......am I doing it wrong.....no cause I am doing it the exact way taught in the game.....like I said you go again the worst teams I get the guy to fall...but against the Sharks....HAHAHAHAHAHAHA....3 times I tried to get 5.....the best was 3......I know when something needs a little bit of a tweek..........

    I am a RPG.....or a racing, football, even baseball....hockey I have never been that great at....but being a disable individual at 59....gotta keep busy somehow......would but I am sure I am not alone in this......
  • ...and one more thing! Please stop my AI forwards from headlessly skating over the offensive blue line (going offside) when they are about to receive a pass. Once they are "locked-in" to receiving a pass, they completely ignore the fact that there's a blue line there and just stride over it without a second thought, long before the puck catches up by the way. Remember the I in AI friends...
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