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The whys of NHL 20

Okay once again EA I’m posting my thoughts and feelings. I am a longtime dedicated customer. (20+) years. Every year I buy your game hoping for something. But every year you disappoint. I am a hockey fanatic and I rarely have an enjoyable playing experience when I play your game but I keep coming back because the passion is real.

What do you devs do all year seriously? I don’t ask to be rude or anything but just curious as to what really happens all year, every year...Does it actually take a year(s) to implement a new engine? (RPM Tech 2.0) With a copied and pasted base game there should be tons of time to improve and polish but sorry to say, it’s a lazy slapped together game with no actual time, effort or logic put into it. So many whys once again. I could go on and on but just to list a few;

Why can’t I custom my CPUs goalie helmet in chel?

Why is everything so carelessly put together? For instants, 3s mode shows powerplay stats over penalty shots? Why?

Why is there no progressive logic? For instants, in be a pro, why am I not on the shootout roster/on powerplay 2 when I have the most points on the team? Why isn’t my ice time based on how I play?

Why are the CPU so terrible/clueless? This has been a problem for years. In hockey there’s right plays and bad plays. The CPU seem to do the bad plays majority of the time. How many time’s will they try a silly bank pass off the wall when it’s just not necessary to do so?(blueline to hash marks/dot, no one in passing lane and soft bank turns into turnover because terrible pass. How many times will they make stupid passes right into covered areas when there are simply better passes to be made? How many times will they just give possession up from making stupid plays? Why do they only do 1 pass shots? There’s so many times where they can make one extra pass to the open man for easy tap in but seem clueless that he’s even there. Same goes for 2on0 the CPU completely ignores the other player usually taking a terrible shot. How many times will they pass back when they should just shoot especially when there’s a wide open net? Are they all programmed to have below average hockey IQ? In be a pro as a centre I can never really cover the open man in the Dzone because both wingers are clueless and collapse low in the zone clogging unnecessary places, leaving their points wide open. Standing still 2/3 seconds after puck drops on face offs? Making delayed plays forcing the play offside or just completely wrecking the flow of the game. Not making simple reads by playing off each other. This goes in all zones. knowing how to rotate and cover when needed. They don’t seem to know how to do any of that.

I’m not a developer so I don’t know the answers(Wish I was) but seems to me these things probably could be fixed/implemented with a little
more effort, time and logic?
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