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Hit those rerolls as often as possible

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Pulled two fantasy cards so far and then just pulled these. Not bad considering I'm only supposed to get one 80+ overall. Stoked about the totw Leddy alwuinlt1e2r.jpg


  • Yeah, i pulled fantasy Jones out of it, Burns too
  • Nope, not gonna do it....

    I only roll the silvers and at 8 a pop I try to only do it when I need to complete a set as a daily objective. My pack luck in Sept was amazing. The only FWD in my lineup under 84 is Kopitar @ 83 and 2 82s are my low D.

    I'm all about the Icons and only rolling Gold players for Collectables...
  • I agree with Jeff, re-roll only when you have to for completing daily objectives. It,s a marathon, not a sprint.
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