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Lemieux / Gretzky 91 icons question

I wonder what you guys would do in this situation.
Would you grind 12 Icons collectibles to use on 1x 91 OVR card
Use it to get a 88 OVR and a 89 OVR keeping in mind that one of the 4 choices might be a small goalie or a slow player.
Any advice, ideas, insults?


  • I find grinding for these icons a waste of time since they are untradeable. Would rather grind the HUT challenges and squad battles for the coins and packs and buy the cards I want.
  • I'll be adding both to my team and just rolled for my 12th collectable this morning. Based on Synergies I'm taking Great 1st.

    It was my original plan to hoard as many Icon Collectables as possible until Halloween and see what new Icons drop and if we see any 90+ OVRs. I was holding 15 before EA updated the sets to include Great and Super and cashed in 9 for a 90 looking to pick up Flower but had the choice of Moose or Roy and I took Roy.

    I'm happy with my pick but wished I waited, I totally expected Wayne and Mario to be found only in packs.
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