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Another nhl i retire fast

So i don't know if its a random but since the 30 september , my game or console lag and its really suck..

my player don't pass when i ask him to do and i always get in rage because of it.. from what i remember , before the 3 lasts day it was fine.. but now i just loss puck because i ask to pass and the player don't do it.

same kind of thing when i don't have the puck.. when i try to change player when i am in defensive zone , its not changing or its change for the wrong player.. and people keep score because of it.

make 3 days streight its happen, i am tired i uinstalled the game..

i have no idea of its my internet who lag or my console but i am tired of it.


so its might be the console.. if its the case, i hope in next generation of console , the nhl won't lag again ( well long to pass and change player).. i miss when nhl was on computer.


  • It's not you it's this broken game
  • It's definitely the game and not the console. My passing always go in the opposite direction then where I aimed. It's even worse if I lead in the game. My players lag in response in everything. This has been the same issue with each passing year and they keep providing us with the worse version then the previous.
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    its too bad, the game is good.. but its just ticks me off to see the game lag for no reason. its boring

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