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Defensive coding observation

Everything is puck focused. From body checking to stick checking and stick lifting, it's all relative to where the puck is. The target on the stick is too small. Once the player has puck possession, the target should expand to the entirety of his stick blade. People aim poke checks at the stick blade, not the puck when it's on the stick.

Body checking is puck focused as well. Theres a clear distinction of violence between hitting someone without the puck than with. Once a player is seperated from the puck, by either a poke, pass or shot, the hit is more direct in the body. When the puck carrier moves his stick about, the body check locks onto where the puck was, hence creating that bubble. When a player has the puck out, directly in the path of the body checker, the check is more violent as you are driving through the puck into the player. Shooting and body checking are the same button so there's confusion when performing the same action with and without the puck.
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