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Done with this game

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I post very rarely. I hate posting because I’d rather just play the game. I love hockey, everything about it. It makes me so upset to see how this game turned out.

Like most people, I’m a HUT person. Love opening packs and building my team. The issue is the gameplay. If you’re willing to forget everything you know about hockey, you might win. If you’re willing to tag the puck around and wait for the cross crease, you might win. If you’re willing to sit in your own end and wait for the other player to decide they’re also bored of standing behind your net, you might win.

I don’t think this is an EA thing but only EA can fix it. I just don’t think they can. There is always going to be people who would rather win than enjoy playing the game as intended. They don’t care if it means they will tick everyone off, winning is more important.

I’d so much rather lose a great game where neither myself or the other player spent the entire game waiting for cross crease. A game where you break the puck out properly, cycle the puck, use your points, etc. It just doesn’t happen anymore.

I noticed it last year but you could still win without cross creasing. This year, it’s so much worse. It sucks because it makes the game suck.

I can’t be the only one that feels this way. I’m just at a lose to what can be done to fix it. I think maybe I’m just losing my patience but I think the game is dead for me once and for all.


  • Moarty83
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    If you don't play forecheck when the other one don't want/need to attack you won't get the puck. And this also happened in the real NHL in a game between tampa bay and philadelphia in 2011.
    Also, the cross crease is defendable, just don't empty up the slot. Also it needs to be defended in real hockey too.
    In comparison with NHL19 it is much easier to successfully get the puck when the opponent plays the clock in NHL20.
    You will never be able to compete with good players, when you skip playing in the first month every year, while the good players play like all year long.
  • There is no reasonable excuse for allowing players to rag the puck. It has ruined the game for me actually.
  • Ninjaspyx
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    I'm done with this game too. EA has turned a great sport into just another a pay2play iPhone game. If you don't grind your dailies, you don't get your much needed poor rewards.

    I play squad battles on superstar, and don't get me wrong, squad battles are quite fun.. But what isn't fun is having to play 16 games every weekend when you have an actual life.

    To top it off, to crack the top 100 you have to replay every game that you don't win by a 5 goal lead. Beat those nasty penguins 8-4?? NOPE, YOU SUCK. You didn't win a hockey game by 5 goals. This isn't football, or baseball... hockey games are meant to be tight. Overtime is a very fun way to decide a game. EA is steering people away from having fun playing a sports game, and making it the norm to just grind out 4-16 games a day for some people, just so they can collect their rewards. Ain't nobody got time for that.

    Someone with 7 losses should not rank higher than me going undefeated. But that's just too logical. I am being punished for having a life outside of EA, and that has turned me off of their product indefinitely.

    If you're done with this game, good riddance... Not to you, but to EA's arcade style hockey, pull-tab gambling for digital 1's and 0's.

    Who can glitch their way to victory better? Check out the top 100 to find out!

    YouTube "Virta" (win every squad battles game, EXPOSED) video and check out how to rank with them.

    My advice, hit up regular season or playoff mode, and skip the online fantasy ballerina, no-life, daily grinding.

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