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The general consensus is that AI players in EASHL are TWF/TWD. They should have SPD/ACC/AGI at 85/85/84. The build I'm using in this clip is at 90/92/88 yet I can't outskate the opposing AI over almost the entire length of the ice. Fatigue shouldn't be an issue since I'm at max energy when we start chasing the puck. This happens with my AI too. At times their skating seems to be divorced from their attributes.

Are there other factors at play? I know there's been speculation in years past that defensive awareness gives a speed boost to backcheckers but I've never seen a few confirm anything.



  • They always give you the blah blah endurance excuse but the real reason is because the AI doesn't have any set stats. They have 70 speed when they want and they have 99 speed when they want. They more than likely have favorable sliders is what it comes down to.

    If the game played correctly then you'd have no trouble beating these players, but they build in mechanics to hinder you more than do you justice
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