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Synergy changes

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Hey so I just had an idea....
As someone who likes to take advantage of synergies I think it would be super useful if there were synergy swap collectibles. Make them rare so they sit at around 40k on the market. Hate having to try and build a team of all SP & TN &X guys but can't because there's not enough quality players in each position with these synergies. Let me know your thoughts


  • We've tossed this around here in the past and I'm a fan of Synergy change Collectables. I also think you should be able to upgrade the Base Card into another card that player has available. If I have a Base Shea Weber I could cash in 10 (or whatever the number it would be) Fantasy Collectables and turn the Base card into a Fantasy card.

    At the very least we should be able to upgrade the ratings with Collectables.
  • prack7
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    Love the synergies change collectable idea. Definitely do this EA
  • I dont know about synergy changes but I really like the idea of upgrading your base card. Either with collectables or combining duplicates.
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