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West Coast Team: Div 1 - Prestige 1 - Looking for exp players. *Team is home of the 70yr RW*

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Team Profile: https://www.ea.com/games/nhl/nhl-20/pro-clubs/overview?clubId=30092&platform=ps4

Yea my dad plays and is a 72 yr old vietnam war vet. Hes been mentioned on Rammers twitter a few times and was going to play Bacon, but that dude never had time.

I play C, but can give it up easily, and he plays RW. We need another FWD or D man to stop the glitch shots or if you know the glitch shots to combat once they score theirs.. more power to you. Its not our go to, but if they start.. its on. We'll play the who can get to the top of the circle first.

We like to setup plays and one timers. But again, my dad is old as the game of hockey itself it seems.. so he does like to sit in the penalty box from time to time.

Were DIV 2 or 3 at moment just over .550 win percentage. We just need one more person to add the the fire power or stopping players.

Message me on PS4 - VampOfVegas
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    Time we play is Mornings on weekends and usually after 4pm PST. I work at a school, so if there is a day off from work.. I will usually play.

    My dad is retired.. obviously.. so we'll be available most of the time if he doesnt have project from my mom.

    Im 34 and have been playing since NHL 94. Hes been playing since 12 or 13.
  • Were now divison one. Have Pro Arena 2.. its nice. It has updated bathrooms even.
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