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Squad battles

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I have not played nhl franchise for a few years. Got back in to it and started with squad battles. I am not sure what is broken but the difficulty levels are a joke. I have an 86 overall team. I just played the same team, xxtopix NYR rank 77. I play on all star and lose 6-1 ??? To 70 overall players. I switch to pro on replay and win 16-0 without trying? how can there be such a descrepency between all star and pro. Don't really want to play either level as all star you just sit and watch them cycle for 10 mins then score, lvl 70 players are invincible. On pro they are idiots? What am I doing wrong?

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  • As the difficulty raise, you need to put the correct strategies, and sadly use some cheap goals attempts.
    If you use the wrong strategy against an All Star or Superstar AI, it will rip you in pieces.

    First start the game with the most defensive strategies then try to out skate the defenders and make plays from behind the net or point one timers. The slot will most probably be covered and your passes intercepted so don't even try, only when you have a clear occasion. Also if you do cycle the puck you will get openings, you need to be patient.

    Skate with your speedsters, shoot with your snipers, use your size and protect the puck to draw penalties or openings... and then when you are comfortable raise your strategies to a more offensive setting.

    It is tough. I won against Ray Ferraro's team 12-2. Then barely won my first game against a 80 overall team and had to replay it. Some games are just fixed, the AI will sneeze on Buffiglien or Scheifele or even Hedman and they will lose the puck right on the stick of a silver card player, and it will be impossible to knock him out of the puck unless you come hard with a high level checking player. And then that player will be up in .5 sec to steal the puck again.

    Once you know it's fixed in some games and in the end of each period, you can manage that by keeping the puck longer and make the AI grow impatient and take penalties.
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