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Warning with the Hockey Fantasy card

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I rerolled by accident in the gold premium set my Necas fantasy card by using the auto filling option and the live support Said that they cant Do anything for that so guys pay more attention when you Do your set beacause There no way to get these back but in really frustrated that Ea cant at least give a compasation or anything beacause they Said they cant give the card back its a Little bit their fault to put these card at a so low rating i would be happy that the team see this beacause i lost the card why i bought a 1400 point Fantasy pack


  • I lost a hometown hero card and they wouldn't do anything for me
  • ??? You have a chance to review the cards that were auto-filled before completing the collection.
  • i have came close, but had a look first, its not like you even need to scroll to see the cards your submitting, you made the mistake, sorry bout your luck, cant see why this is an ea problem in any way
  • FinnPete
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    I'd like an option to "lock" the card when it can't be added to set until the lock is removed.
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