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After Update Bugs

RE: Oct.1 2019 Update.

Edit lines are not saving correctly in Franchise Mode during the game. During line changes in the front office, a player sometimes is doubling on another line which can be corrected when selecting Best Line and then re-edit the lines correctly. During a Franchise match, it also doubles and the wrong player is playing that wasn't selected in the Power Play line.


  • In Franchise Mode, I tend to only play the third period. If you get a PP or PK, Ray and James refer to it as the 1st chance of the night, then talk about what has actually transpired (ie 1 for 3, 0 for 4, etc)
  • I got crabs after this update.
  • BikerTox
    7 posts New member
    Supposedly goalie win-loss record was supposed to now show correctly before the game. Well in be a pro mode it shows the AI goalie's record for both me and him. At least before it showed my proper save percentage. It's not a big thing but it's worse than before.
  • wgeo
    1 posts New member
    Agree with BikerTox; all I've seen so far is zeros.

    Additionally (I'm not sure if these are post-update bugs, but I've only noticed them since the update), when two players on the same team have the same last name, the first initial on the jerseys is followed by an apostrophe instead of a period, and sometimes a players first goal in a game is shown as his first career goal on the overlay when it isn't even their first goal of the season.
  • BikerTox
    7 posts New member
    Also the goalie cover bug is not fixed happened to me last night.
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