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Are some sliders placebo?

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Back story first:

Last year when the NHL 19 early access came out I remember skating down the boards with the puck and getting bumped into the boards by a defender who closed me off. I lost my balance and the puck squirted free down the ice.

It may very well be the most realistic and organic feeling play I have seen in this series and I was really excited about the release. Two patches later plays like that were gone and we had NHL 18

Fast forward to NHL 20. You can skate down the boards, get hit, lose no balance, and the puck stays unrealistically glued to your stick.

In an effort to combat this I’ve tried tweaking sliders. One in particular I messed with was the one that is supposed to be how the boards cause the puck carrier to stumble. I maxed it out to 100 and saw absolutely nothing different in the game. Lowered it to zero and noticed absolutely no difference.

Makes me wonder how many of these sliders do absolutely nothing. I’m going to test a handful and post results.

In the meantime if anyone knows or a Dev would be so kind to chime in, what sliders will recreate that play described above from NHL 19 early access? It would honestly change the game for the better for us offline gamers.


  • I believe so yes, but obviously we will never know, as EA wouldn't admit to anything like that. One give away, to me, is that some of the default sliders start with odd, or non-round numbers. Like 83/100, 33/100 ect., to give the appearance that they painstakingly tweaked the number until they got it in a sweet spot, which simply isn't true.

    I also believe that each individual digit doesn't affect the game, but rather it's divided into chunks like 0, 1-25, ect., with the digits in between being like you said, placebo and literally irrelevant. That wouldn't surprise me at all.

    It's also quite simply all over the place with next to no clarification, because CPU Injury Occurrence slider does affect both sim AND gameplay, but I don't know if lift-checking, penalty amounts, the kinds of penalties for CPU also affect the sim. It's just messy, lacking QoL, and unclear like so much of the franchise.
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    Good point....how come when they release a tuner all the slider values are exactly the same regardless of the “tuning”? What exactly are they tuning if not the sliders? Begs the question of how much these sliders really do...
  • Incidental Contact is a good slider to use. That actually does have some effect shockingly.

    But no, you're absolutely correct. Here are some sliders I've noticed have nearly no effect on the game, or just plain out weird effects.

    -Back Skating - No effect
    -Skating Agility - May have some effect but it's minimal at best
    -Pass Interceptions - 0/100, still hella lot of interceptions
    -Goalie Passing - What does this even do
    -Goalie Save Reaction Time - Oddly affects how often the goalies will come out of the net to play the puck behind the net
    -Aggression - Haven't noticed this do much
    -Elbowing Penalty - Does nothing
    -Cross Checking Penalty - Does nothing
    -Interference Penalty - Does nothing for CPU
    -High Sticking - Does Nothing
    -Slashing - 5/100 still results in absurd amount of Slashing
    -Hooking - Abused at all values except for 1
  • I agree, any penalties not work. This game is totally crap for penalties.
  • "-Slashing - 5/100 still results in absurd amount of Slashing"

    This means, how many slashing going to penalty, not how many slashing players do.
  • "-Slashing - 5/100 still results in absurd amount of Slashing"

    This means, how many slashing going to penalty, not how many slashing players do.

  • Put this slider to 100, players doing 100 slashing/ game and take 100 penalties.
    Put this slider to 1, players doing 100 slashing/ game, but takes only one penalty.

    Thats how im see this slider works.

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