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NHL 21 wishlist.

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My wishlist is as follows:

#1 Shootout playback system.
#2 Restraining foul picturesqueness..
#3 circumambient shot vision.
#4 Ice tilting visuals.
#5 Allstar player uniqueness in NHL 3's.
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  • My wishlist for next version:
    #1 Goalie mask Editor
    #2 Jersey Editor
    #3 Teams and Players from KHL and german DEL2
  • My wishlist for next version:
    #1 Goalie mask Editor
    #2 Jersey Editor
    #3 Teams and Players from KHL and german DEL2

    #3 probably has something to do with licensing/rights, that's why they're not in the game.

    #1 and #2 seem very much doable. Goalies should also have the option to have no mask like the old days. Why not, it's a video game!
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    A few other things that would be nice is:

    #1 diagrammed determining factors.

    #2 Snap player changes.

    #3 Skating analytical memory.

    #4 Must-have fan-fav fight assignments.

    #5 Choreographer logo setups.
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  • A new blocking animation that doesn't cause trips!
  • 1.) Real profile images replacing all of the black silhouettes from the game launch in roster updates
    2.) National Development Team
    3.) NCAA Teams
    4.) More European junior leagues like SWE D1 and SuperElite
    5.) ECHL added as a third tier for player movement while playing franchise mode instead of stand alone.
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    I’ve removed some posts that were derailing and sarcastic. If you don’t have an actual wish please don’t troll the thread. Thanks.
  • This is my only demand really, considering the rest is fluff and whatnot:

    Please add accountability to the forwards.

    Thank-you, that is all.
  • Socair wrote: »
    I’ve removed some posts that were derailing and sarcastic. If you don’t have an actual wish please don’t troll the thread. Thanks.

    OK I'll put it this way then..

    Please stop with the drop-in outdoor scenery nonsense and get back to real teams and real arenas. This is hockey not a molson commercial.

    That's my wish
  • Improved pregame introduction phenomena's would be a great idea. It's my last wish, thanks. I only want at least one of my ideas in the game.
    Madden fan since 93.
  • I’ve noticed that rebound control is horrible this year. Goalies are giving up an unrealistic amount of rebounds.
  • Honestly, the only thing they should touch is game play. Focus on the actual hockey. This game need balance.
  • Return focus to modes with full teams on the ice and gameplay for full teams and get away from the gimmicky aesthetic things like outdoor rinks and gear.
  • Roster Sharing Vault.
  • #4 in past we never saw a person who opened the door of penalty box. the game could be more realistic with that

    #5 mass brawll of the Players in situation after a big hit or game misconduct or so on
  • Wishlist for NHL 21:
    Winter Classic Mode
    Stadium Series Mode
    Heritage Classic Mode
    Frostbite Engine
    More Realistic Arenas (Like Some Fans Wearing What Their Team Is Wear In A Game, National Anthems, And Mascots Wearing What The Team Is Wearing In A Game).
    Pre/Post Game Presentation
    Interviewing Players (Voice Overs)
    NHL Moments Live Mode
    Ports for next gen consoles like Playstation 5 & Xbox Project Scarlett when the consoles launch Holiday 2020
    The return of NHL Moments Live mode
    PC And Nintendo Switch Ports
    More NHL Legends
    More Alumni teams.
  • Better server/networking functionality so that there is no delay/lag in EASHL when west coast players play on the east server, east coast players play on the west server, etc. I really don't think that's too much to ask for considering every online mode on PS3 was fine. For some reason EA's networking couldn't handle the switch to the next gen consoles. Really hope this is being looked into and resolved by NHL 21 or when PS5 comes out.
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    Removed some off topic replies. Try to take any discussions you wish to have about specific issues to new or other threads. Want to keep this thread as on point as we can so suggestions don’t get buried.
  • I really like NHL 20 gameplay and honestly only have two things on my personal wishlist.

    #1 better menus - I like the pinned menus at startup, but feel like there are too many buttons to press/screens to navigate through to get to the game.

    (ex: In offline modes, using LT/RT to change jerseys and X to Start Game would speed up getting to the game. Even though I like changing jerseys every once in a while or tweaking game settings, 95% of the time I just want to start the game. Or in Custom Skater, have a quicksave button so users don't have to navigate with the Back button to Save when they are 5 sub-menus deep.)

    #2 goalie mask editor - two ideas on how EA could approach it.
    First would be to setup 6-8 template masks like the other equipment templates and allow users to change the color swatch and maybe place the logo of their custom team on the mask.

    Second idea would take a lot of work but be a creator's dream. Allow people to upload svg or vector logos to an EA server and allow them to project them onto the goalie mask model, having control over size, scale, and rotation (attached file). When the user is done layering custom shapes/logos, he/she would save the design which would be flattened to a 1024x1024 texture map that would load when the game starts. After each online game, the cached texture map of the opposing team would be deleted. I know this option is a lot more difficult because idk how you layout your goalie mask UVs and whether stretching or mirroring would be an issue.

    Anyways, I love the game and thanks for the improvements.
  • I have to say a major one for me is still roster sharing pretty annoying when a lot of roster updates are nothing but players getting moved to the teams and there ratings not being adjusted.
  • I have a good idea for NHL 21 i think that they should put in the American and Canadian national anthems in the game in HUT and BE A PRO I think that would be great.....
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