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NHL 21 wishlist.


  • Nhl 95 rewind career with current stars and stars of my future would be a fun mode.
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  • Mjp0229
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    Wishlist for future NHLs...

    1. Franchise Mode to add the ability for the GM to discuss with players. ( Currently, It happens the other way around but I feel in real life it is the GM asking of the player). You could even have a players value boost or decline based on these request!!!

    2. Franchise Mode to add the ability for the GM to discuss with Free Agents as it can with rookies predraft. ( I would rather know in advance where the players head's at before making an offer.)

    3. Franchise mode to "add back" ability to alter a players position in edit player like in NHL 20. A compromise would be at least allowing the altering a position after a trade. Keep the player style blocked out is even fine by me.

    4. Add All star voting and keep records of this and awards in the players bio (similar to what Madden does).

    5. An absolute must..... change the current templated photo of each player to an interactive headshot. The game does such a great job creating each of these players digital faces it is a shame the only way you see it is from the editing platform. I am sure it would not take much coding to pull a headshot from the player editing screen anyway. Think NBA 2k with this... Having blank faces or faces of kids when they are 16 is unacceptable.

    6. Franchise mode add the coaches and create a template similar to 2K NBA with it. NHL has some really personable coaches and it is a disservice to the game and it's fans to not have these guys involved. The game has created an amazing system trying to matching a coach and his system with the team's lines. But now it's time to take it to the next level and get the real coaches involved. I see a whole marketing campaign for EA built around the like of Tortorella or Vigneault.

    7. An in game pressure meter as playoffs near.

    8. USHL and KHL partnerships... (More than 1/2 the top rookies in 22 are from these organizations).
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