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NHL 21 wishlist.


  • Something MUST be done about the hitting from behind. It’s a Major Penalty IRL!!! Absolutely game breaking. Surprised the NHL hasn’t told EA about it.
  • 1. The game must come to next gen and the graphics must be much improved.
    2. No new gimmick modes focus on the core improvements to gameplay and presentation for the NHL in particular.
    3. Better positional awareness for the AI, no drifting backwards out of the offensive zone off of a faceoff and no insane puck chasing on defense.
    4. Much better customization options including fully editable draft class and generated players, no more Tiny McNugget with a black silhouette for a profile.
    5. At least have a generic outdoor stadium for a classic to be played, it's one of the better things that happens in hockey.
    6. Many more licenses, Russia and hopefully the new rules in the NCAA will help bring it.
    7. Actual integration of all leagues into franchise mode. Maybe I want to run a CHL team or a SHL team.
    8. Visuals and cut scenes in franchise mode for post game, draft, awards, something closer to NBA2k NHL is so far behind with its presentation it is embarrassing.
    9. Much better be a pro that includes other options for playing in Europe and International tournaments. Better practice system.
    10. Adding the women's league or National teams (Especially the USA license) would be a good pr move if nothing else.
  • jame39ss
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    I want INTERNATIONAL TOURNAMENTS BACK. I am fed up with those boring new modes and lack of changes every year. International tournament, or at least custom tournament with enough modifications, would shout my mouth and fingers in upcoming season.
  • jrago73
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    Revamp goalie so that proper position and correctly reading a play has a direct correlation with success.

    AI- Fix logic flaws such as defender bailing out on 2v1, running into the back of your goalie and offside awareness
    -remove ai cheating. Make them behave like a player of a set size. No more winning every puck battle, blasting the biggest guy on the ice and outrunning max speed players on breakaways and dumps or tracking your every movement at the same time you input the command.

    Some kind of quitting deterrent for eashl.

    Some kind of troll deterrent for eashl

    Icon passing to avoid the games whacky pass interpretation.

    Option for normal inside rinks and uniforms in drop in games.

    Option for forwards to swap faceoff duties in eashl.

    More in depth perk/trait system in eashl and possibly all modes. Not just an attribute swap. Ei stronger hits, certain % of passes are saucers, faster dekes etc. Sort of like this years madden system.

    Crossplay, this series needs this badly now that you've tripled the number of lobbies and lost online players.

    Check boxes to enable/disable each server for online game modes.

    Custom music including more services than just spotify access (since you asked, be sure to include amazon prime).

    Embrace or kill be a pro.

    No new online game modes

    Remove goalie fights and make them serve their own penalties in eashl.

    Shorter breaks in eashl for pauses and between periods because this generation doesn't know how to press the a/x button... ever.

    Oh yeah, practice mode in chel and remove cr so people just play.
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  • Strictly Eashl
    Let's start with menus because it's the first option
    5 screens to get to online season is absurd, remove it from world of Chel, don't show Chel challenges of the bat and have stats such as recent games under club.

    What needs to be brought back
    Custoqm builds
    practice mode and lobbies (yes I remember both had issues) but it's better than nothing, practice was great to create plays and also to learn how the ai plays and also teammates. Lobbies were great findings new players in drop ins
    Speaking of drop ins indoors please or at lest have the choice

    Bring back text/pre game chat, it's wasn't broken nothing was wrong with it yet again was removed for no reason.

    What I think should be added

    Cross play, 3 or more players for 6s; a ping when all teammates are ready (saw that 2 pages back and I like the idea). Choose ai players type, remember that team you played last week with the really good lw sniper? Well know your playing again it would be nice to counter that, after all a team won't play Boston the same way they play the Edmonton.
    Customizable controls

    What should be removed/tweaked
    CR (credit rating) you play well but your team looses go back to coaches feedback,
    the bottom scoreboard as a d man it obstructs my view

  • 1. Rosters that can be sorted by last name when in the player movement screens.
    2. All reserve list players that are in the game, attached to the NHL team in season mode. This includes players in junior, the AHL or in Europe, showing up in Season Mode like the do in the franchise mode when in the roster moves screens.
    3. Fix the trading bugs inside season mode. Let full control be full control, which maybe means removing the roster limits etc that cause player trades to be nearly impossible after injury callups have been made.
  • I say this every year and im gunna say it again! Upgrade Be a Pro! (Media interviews, Sponsors/endorcements, Interact with coach)
    ❤Go kings Go❤
  • Teodorih
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    Be A Pro is pretty much insulting at this point. While an engaging story mode is obviously too much to ask please add:
    Post game interviews
    Crowd interaction
    Locker room talks
    Coach negotiations
    Basically add a dialogue wheel or some choices to give your athlete character. A collection of taped pucks for important goals would be cool - first NHL goal, 100th goal, 500th point, playoff game winning goal, etc.

    Outdoor games - why isn't this a thing? Why? Heritage series, Stadium series and Winter Classic - make this happen.

    Pond hockey - just make this a regular offline, couch versus mode 4v4. CHEL and threes and 1v1v1 are kind of dumb. I know you already build your games around CHEL and HUT but just letting you know that the world would be a better place without them

    Dekes are way to few. You can only do so much on a breakaway or a shootout.

    You guys at EA really tap yourselves on the back with all the improvements you do to skating, yet it's still stiff and feels like you're steering Titanic and not an explosive athlete.

    Puck pick ups. Do I need to elaborate?

    National teams... Srsly you can't make a deal with the IIHF to include actual jerseys besides the ones for team Canada? Why?

    The crowd and coaches are with PS2 graphics. The players look horrible too if they're not superstars. I think it's about time you make a real new game with graphics that are at least from the ps3 era, nevermind ps5 is coming this year.

    It's not fair that EA charges full price for what's essentially a good roster update and a changed color scheme for the main menu. Bring something new or stick to annual patches

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  • PS regarding be a pro - actual practice with cones, drills, assistant coaches, target shooting... You know like the pros
  • Socair
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    Friendly reminder to keep this thread about the wish list and to not detail with off hand remarks about the series or EA/devs. Thanks.
  • 1 - All Star Tournament mode using 3v3 in the actual arena of choosing.
    2 - Outdoor arena with "atmosphere"
    3 - A preset setting to allow us a pure balanced game play based on player ratings.
    4 - If you're keeping CHEL and THREEs, allow all modes to be offline as well. This will give the offline player more options to come back and play this game.
    5 - If you want to increase presentation, how about a highlight reel from other games around the league similar to what NFL2k5 used to do.
    6 - Adjust the sliders so if they are at 0, the game plays according to the players ratings. Sliders would be an "enhancement" instead of dictating game play.
    7 - Roster share
    8 - Real Goal Music
  • Give us the ability to create our own goalie masks, pads and other equipment ect.... Have templates in game where we can use a layered image creator like forza, black ops 4 has. Even MLB The Show has custom images. Only been asking for something like this since 2009.djsk4lwp3vvh.jpg
  • What I want most on my wish-list is more minor league teams. I know it sounds kinda dumb, but I like a team from the SPHL, those young guys should get more publicity. I would also like the ability to a franchise in different leagues than the NHL and AHL. Or add a season mode were you can continue on more seasons after your first. In Be a Pro, I think you should be able to start off in more leagues. Like if you are from a different area in the world, you can play in a Swedish League or a Russian league, ect. As well as more story to it. As well as having the ability to pick your contract length as a rookie. That's my wishlist for this year, I hope EA takes what I said into consideration.
  • Stovetop9620
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    1. Pucks deflecting off sticks/not being intercepted cleanly when people are not facing the puck.
    2. Less incidental contact/not being able to stop someone dead in their tracks by running interference.
    3. Create-a-play. If that is not do-able, then please give the AI better breakout/move-in/offensive movements. You can attack the zone the same way every time in this game. It gets monotonous.
    4. AI running standard plays without making odd decisions. Puck support, overlapping, center drives, etc.
    5. Not being able to stick down an aerial puck seamlessly and go the other way.
    6. Not being able to intercept slap shots like you are intercepting passes.
    7. Edit/create coaches.
    8. Pre-puck pick-up movements. Like a Fifa jostle where you can have a first touch/protect yourself and the puck before you acquire possession.
    9. Punish teams for standing in front of their goalie. This is NOT how you play defense in hockey.
    10. Eliminating looping (ad nauseum) from forwards arsenals. This, again, is not how you play hockey.
    11. More face-off animations/options as well getting kicked from the circle.
    12. A chip and chase play.
    13. NHL records.
    14. Better crowd atmosphere. Especially in the playoffs. It gets quiet in there.
    15. Hug the blue line animation.
    16. Less forced animations when receiving a pass.
    17. Better boardplay.
    18. Get rid of the draft lottery algorithm you guys have. NOTE: The draft lottery is determined the day of a new season. I.E. The game decides the order that day. It will be something like "The 28th team, the 30th team, the 22nd team, and the 31st team" for instance. It should be RNG the day of June 20th.
    19. More separation between players. 98% of the players all feel and move the same.
    20. Quicker stopping, less agility.
    21. Board dekes. Like using the net as a backboard, for instance.
    22. Timing and SKILL BASED deking. The attribute system just giving someone a successful deke is dumb. Make people earn that satisfaction.
    23. Up your average pass speed. NHL players, Bantam players for that matter, throw HARD passes. You should be able to throw soft ones but this whole throwing softies around is so fake.
    24. Better dumping system. Not everything should be a Murphy dump. High off the glass should be the standard.
    25. Punish people for not playing hockey. This is the only sports game I have ever played where you can be successful defying true strategy. In hockey you cannot: be successful being a one man team, be successful looping back and forth and back and forth, be successful skating in reverse down the ice, be successful running around going for big hits ad nausem.

    The be honest, I enjoy 20 way, way more than 19. However, this game is becoming such a pain in the padded **** playing online. Instead of a fun experience, it really is everyone standing still in the D zone blocking and intercepting everything as well as everyone playing a trap. There is such boredom here in the long run.

    Standing still and being lazy in the complete and total opposite of everything you ever learn playing hockey. Not facing the play is the opposite of how to play defense. Hockey is a hard game that is filled with hard work. The more people are rewarded for playing like clowns, the more toxic the community gets. Yes, this game should allow everyone to play it. However, just because you can hold a controller does not mean you can pull off a one handed tuck 4 times a game because "attributes".
  • *Be Abel ro create a dressing room.
    *when you play season you should be able to choose to train your team between match.(optional)
    *more logos and sweaters in creating your team
    *more legendary players
  • EASHL:

    1) Quicker matchmaking times
    2) Make Ais somewhat play hockey and not completely useless
    3) Add a more competitive mode or make a bigger skill gap. Too many teams are being rewarded for terrible play and winning games.
    4) Bring back the Cards from early NHLs (rookie, veteran, pro, all star, legend) so we can put the points where we want
    5) Goes with 4, but add caps to certain attributes depending on your build
    6) Makes stats actually matter. Higher the stat, more effective it becomes.
    7) Bring back the Faceoff stat and perks for it.
    8) Bring back more injuries. Smaller players should be punished more if they are constantly getting hit by bigger players. Builds that aren’t suppose to block shots (sniper, etc). Missing checks aka running into the boards.
    9) bring back Game misconducts.
    10) Dump the CR system. I personally think it’s a waste of time and I’ve played with lower CRs who are much better player than higher CRs. Would be cool to see players average teammate grade or something more team based.
    11) be able to create Ais and their player type.


    1) Fix the stick checking, no Elite Hockey player pokes the skates intentionally. Stick lift needs to be more penalized for poor timing and spamming.
    2) Fix loosing the puck on some bump animations. A lot of the time, smaller players will get bumped from behind and loose the puck while they are skating away.
    3) Goalie Animations. Some of the save animations that are shown are ridiculously uncalled for and unrealistic. Make them smarter and more realistic to how the game is today.
    4) Bring back broken sticks on shots. Whether it be shooting or maybe having it hit by a shot, a pass..whatever the case may be. Don’t know how many times I take a slap shot and never have I seen a broken stick.
    5) Maybe add goalies can break their Sticks

    Be a pro:

    1) Have a co-op or a online version like madden.
    2) Weird system how it’s based off points and such to maintain your spot on lines. Should be based off a teammate grade.
    3) Make it more interactive. Interviews (pre/post), morning skates, practices, off ice training?
    4) Maybe pick a sponsorship or have the ability to get sponsors
  • I would like to be able to change other players in Be a Pro mode, as in franchise mode, because the goalkeepers shape after all the transfers looks awful, I do not mind changing it myself in each new season, just give me the opportunity.

    Sorry for the possible errors, I use a translator :)
  • Things i would like to see. if half is not possible in current gen , at least for next gen.

    I will solely concentrate on the offline modes as they have lacked a lot of attention in the last few years.

    1. Gameplay:
    refs can be bumped into. its unrealistic how we can skate right through them. more realistic stick on stick and stick hitting players or boards. now that we have signature shots in the game, maybe more emphasis, more shot option animations we can choose from (like the goalie stance) as well as more goal celebrations. hitting to be cleaner and more realistic. better goalie save animations, i find they still move robotic. ability to get flipped over a bench when being hit. AND Coach challenges.

    2. Edit player and Create player:
    we should have the liberty of changing glove color and stick color (nhl 2k10 had this). the preset glove colors per team sometimes aren't exactly the pattern the players have. we have the option to change this in CHEL mode, lets be able to do it in edit player and create a player as well. Goalie mask creator or editor. we should be able to at least change the colors of the current masks or create one through a list of templates. jersey tightness ( loose fit or tighter fit), rolled up sleeve or full length sleeve, more options for shaft tape and blade tape. more sock styles (different tuck ins or over the skate) and skate styles (flipped tongue or regular tongue). more face options. maybe the ability to face sculpt as well.

    3. Deeper be a pro mode:
    to make it more meaningful. interview questions, spotlight focus on our pro during replays and cutscenes. practice mode entrance similar to previous nhl games where we see our pro walking through the hallway onto the ice. deeper contract negotiations where we see our pro in the GMs office and negotiations go on from there. as well added to free agency when more than one team is interested you can meet with different GMs. when you get traded , a press conference cut scene should see our player holding up or putting on the jersey of his new team.

    4. Franchise mode:
    Deeper GM abilities. should be like NHL 2004 where you can customize gm office, as more revenu allows for upgrading your office. when talking to player for morale, should be able to see the player coming in to the GM office. able to see the locker room before and after game as players are walking around ( gretzky nhl had this on ps2). finally we can see player stats with the team that they played for that year, please keep this as it is. more cutscenes during games. make playoffs more exciting to play in. should feel alot different than a season game.
  • You really need to revamp your all start and superstar mode difficulty. You need to get with the guys that make the show. I know this comment will get over looked but I’m just saying it should be challenging but not frustrating it should feel like you can win and when you don’t it’s you fault. Also be a pro needs to be revamped. Also again you should get with the show team. I know I keep bringing them up but let’s face it they are the best sports video game for years and they only have one year to put together a video game just like everyone else and yet they still put out a stellar product unlike the ea video games that are pay to play. I’m not against spending the xtra money on a video if it’s worth it. Like the show, but I don’t feel like the ea games are since they obviously lean that way. This is the last year I buy this be of these games. The only way they will change is by not buying there games for one year if that. One year of not getting any money will change there tone. Well, that’s it you can dislike my post or not I don’t care I’m just speaking the truth.
  • Darkknight142434
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    Listen EA I know your have a lot of people above me talking about the same type of things I am. There should be more to your game. The franchise mode, be a pro, and HUT could all be better. Hut challenges would be more exciting if they included like more things in history like from the show. Make the payouts better when you complete the challenges. The time you invest in the game should be just as much rewarded as the money you invest. Also be a pro could be so much better like was stated above. Coach and team interactions, interviews, news stories. I feel like everyone at your facility is failing, like everyone of the things you have going on could be soo much more. It’s up to you but I know that you are losing players every year if you want to have more players you would listen to us that actually play.
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