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NHL 21 wishlist.


  • They need the old lobby system back so drop ins can be revitalized. It's nearly impossible to complete a 6s drop in game with randoms.

    Let us decide which games we want to join. Don't force us into the worst matchmaking engine ever designed Ina video game ever by forcing me to wait for 2 minutes while there's 5 on one side and 4 on the other and 2 forwards are needed and nobody joins the game after 2 minutes. What a joke.
  • A better be a pro not just the something you guys do every year put some thought into it
  • balance
  • limeslussh
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    Be a pro wishlist:
    I don't play any other EA sports games like NBA or Fifa so these modes may already exist, I've kind of seen some for Madden.

    Actual immersive be a pro mode, with actual story lines, favorite team growing up, really hype up leading up to your draft. Make it like superstar mode for Madden, with a combine and stuff like that. Be able to buy a house, maybe be able to customize a backyard rink/chain link court for training in offseason. Drills, or just street hockey to gain skills. 3 on 3 would be cool with a ball or roller puck. Unlockables similar to world of chel for your player. Don't forget goalies, you could strap on some street gear. Make it realistic to your salary earned over the year. Right now in be a pro I could win the Stanley Cup as a rookie leading the team in scoring and then I only have 2 teams offering me contracts? Make contract negotiations, trade requests, more realistic. If you're a superstar and you are either drafted or traded/sign with your hometown team have story lines about it. Stanley Cup parade, if you win you could decorate your house with a big giant team photo from winning the cup, jerseys from past teams, etc. Don't restrict goalies in this mode either. Suspensions and story lines for being injured. Interviews before/during/after big games. Make the atmosphere better for the playoffs. Make the interviews you do over the course of your career make sense ie: rookie questions as a rookie, post Stanley Cup season win interviews, towards end of your career it's more related to being the veteran and thinking about retirement. Your team retiring your number as a conclusion to the full mode maybe.

    Customize goalie masks.

    Other things I'd love to see would be a throwback to NHL Hitz and also would love a first person goalie mode, perhaps with VR.
  • You know what would be great in EASHL? Being able to play practice mode with your teammates. This would be really helpful.
  • Murphdawg1
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    edited March 2020
    -Cross play(would give people more players to play with)
    -Cross gen play(if on current and next-gen)
    -EASHL practice mode
    -Fully featured next-gen game(no skipping or barebones game)
    -Transfer Be A Pro Save from previous game
  • There are a few threads, I know. I wanted my list front and center rather than buried deep on another thread. So here we go:

    - Been thinking about this one for a while, but as you do with roster updates, franchise mode should "update" as well as the first season progresses (for example, 20 games in to the season in real life is where we pick up from in franchise mode and so on)
    - Fix the face-offs. Why we automatically lose a face-off because we move is ridiculous. This is not football.
    - Speaking of face-offs, centers can get kicked out

    - Add an entire section dedicated to facts; league and franchise records to franchise mode that get updated as seasons progress. Records that are broken are recognized by the in-game PBP and CC. Keep a list of draft records by team per year.
    - Bring back team specific newsletters in franchise mode (from NHL 07 iirc)
    - Add real life insiders (Bob McKenzie, Elliott Friedman, etc.)
    - Add ECHL to franchise mode
    - Three way trades
    - NTC's and NMC's; Players aren't willing to get traded or sign with certain teams.
    - Bonuses on contracts
    - Add Assistant GM's
    - Remove character limits from naming a CAP and GM
    - Increase number of scouts
    - Increase number of years in franchise mode to 30
    - Better team celebrations and bench fly-by when scoring a goal
  • Alright, here's a few things I'd like to see in NHL 21. Just a few ideas and thoughts I've had playing a few of the older versions:
    -More leagues, IIHF license, winter Olympics license
    -Add college teams
    -Bring back NHL All-Time local legends
    -Add Atlanta Thrashers and Atlanta Flames alumni
    -Bring back 19 defunct teams: Atlanta Thrashers, Atlanta Flames, Original Winnipeg Jets '96, Hartford Whalers '97, Quebec Nordiques '95, Minnesota Northstars '93, Original Ottowa Senators, California Golden Seals, New York Americans, St. Louis Eagles, Detroit Cougars, Detroit Falcons, Annaheim Mighty Ducks '06, Quebec Athletic Club, Hamilton Tigers, Cleveland Barrens, Colorado Rockies NHL, Kansas City Scouts, Pittsburgh Pirates NHL
    -Adding the now-defunct World Hockey Association and International Hockey League
    -Better graphics
    -Advance gaming and features for upcoming next gen (from NHL2K, NHL Hitz previous gen)
    -Ports for 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th next generations of home consoles as well as ports for all portable consoles
    -More crisp and accurate goal horns
    -Real-life NHL goal songs
    -Bring back GM Hall of Fame
    -Add ECHL to franchise mode
    -Add Owner Mode
    -Rename Franchise Mode as GM Mode
    -Bring back GM Connected
    -Add Winter Classic Mode, Stadium Series Mode, Heritage Classic Mode, Legends Game Mode
    -Make legends playing for your team an option
    -Add NHL Historical Throughout the Years teams
    -Add a more realistic Stanley Cup celebration
    -Edit trade values of players
    -Edit player overalls and ratings in season mode, GM mode, Owner Mode, and Be a Pro
    -More goal celebrations
    -Bring back all features removed in NHL20 and NHL15
  • In franchise mode add an option to cancel a season because of pandemics ;)

    On a serious note: custom music, roster share and better arena atmosphere.
  • -PC version
  • - Bring back the GameIntro from NHL 12-14 for Be a Pro mode, where you walk on the ice as your player.
    Specially for Playoffs

    - Starting 6 and national anthem like NBA2k19 game, where are 3-4 different pre game movies. Walk in, national anthem, broadcast.

    - Banner rise

    - Custom Music

    - Club Rebrand in Franchise mode

    - Player picture for the generated players in franchise mode.

    - No Stupid give aways from the defenders after winning the face-offs :)

    - Better Draft System in Be a Pro, I always go in the second round, when I play full season and putting up more than 100 points.

    I am writing this after became a Stanley Cup Champion in Be a pro after six Seasons (4NHL) yesterday evening, so I played a lot.
  • Maybe have a more realistic season like suspensions, cancellations, postponements, etc. lol
    Have a more realistic GM experience
    Be able to rebrand teams, rename arenas, and change name of team in franchise mode
    Look outside of the stands in instant replay
    Add Atlanta Thrashers jersey style and logos to create team
    More custom logos, AHL logos to create team
    More deking controls and dekes
    Mac, Windows, and Linux ports
    Gary Thorne, Don Cherry, and Ray Ferraro as commentators would be pretty great
    Global series challenge mode,
    Global series mode
    Choose any arena to play games in,
    All star weekend in franchise mode and season mode
    More bigger slapshots.
    Transfer Franchise mode. Season mode. CHEL player, Threes circuit progress, Custom player, Custom team, And more to NHL 21 from previous games.
    Outdoor practice.
    2 team practice.
    Better looking jerseys.
    Real Coaches
    Stadia, Xcould, Playstation now ports
    Mini Zamboni game.
    Stanley cup final game 7 mode.
    Fewer penalties.
    In playoff mode, it should say the score of the series on top
    More players likenesses
    Play in AHL Arenas in franchise mode preseason.
    Choose second arena for custom team.
    Hype intro.
    Replace Dressed player with scratched player in lineup in middle of the game.
    More live features.
  • Yeah x-play is definitely a huge one on my list as well. The more the merrier, for sure.
  • I really only play offline, so these are just offline features:
    - Custom controls (or at least the same options for hybrid controller that the skill stick controls offer); - when calling a timeout, have like 3 faceoff line-up formation options on a white board you can select from (similar to how you choose your play in Madden);
    - in Franchise/GM mode, have a customizable office that you can upgrade the further along in your career you go (trophy case, desks, wall colour, pictures, chairs, etc.);
    - offer an outdoor venue (even a generic winter classic statium);
    - Winnipeg Jets mid-1990's jerseys;
    - interactive Stanley Cup celebration (like skate around with the Cup, pass it to teammate, kiss the Cup), just offer a bit more when you win the Stanley Cup to make it seem worthwhile;
    - custom music;
    - highlights from other games around the league (I think EA had this in one of the 90's games I remember playing as a kid);
    - import our face into a custom player;
    - Improved pregame introductions;
    - cut scenes inside of team dressing room;
    - search for player feature (when making trades);
    - I love adding more game presentation; more NHL legends (Paul Kariya; Pavel Bure; Alexei Zhamnov); - Stanley Cup championship banner raises in Franchise Mode;
    - a playable zamboni mode in between periods like 2k had would be awesome;
    - More jersey styles in create-a-team;
    - online crossplay (Xbox-PS);
    - all-star game and playable skills competition;
    - Visuals and cut scenes in franchise mode for post game, draft, awards, something closer to NBA2k;
  • I don't think none of these will be added, they may look at them but pick 1 thing.

    I want story mode be a pro back in, sliders have bug in them, i want RPM 5.0 and i want true Sim and not arcade sim or arcade, i want real sim, we also need better defensive ai and online franchise, we also need better graphics, like resident evil series style models, we also need PC version of NHL with cross save, we need upgraded goalie stances like 10.0 and shooting animations 10.0.
  • - create a tournament
    - better options in create a team (the ability to write words on uniforms not just single letters ie: rangers / minnesota)
    - ability to play in any arena (exhibition)
    - custom season lengths

    #1. There are SO MANY insane glitches in NHL 20. If the actual gameplay is the main update to every year's game, than 20 shouldnt be significantly worse than 19. NHL 19 played much more like a real hockey game (I grew up playing) than this years does. Player's sticks routinely glitch and go through legs, skates, goaltender's, etc. The passing/gameplay is so frantic that it feels like when the AI decides to do something, no amount of human intervention is going to matter. I almost sold my PS$ and the game because it was so disappointing...and even though I love the career stats (should have ALWAYS BEEN IN THE GAME) and historic teams...the gameplay just felt so glitchy that it didnt feel as fun anymore.

    #2. CREATE/EDIT player changes...These are seriously no brainers. Who thought it was a good idea to be able to give your player a metal cage half shield but you can't create a player without a helmet? That's insane. Not a single player in the NHL wears a metal cage...but I can't even make a realistic Bobby Orr, just because. So frustrating. Also...JOFA bubble helmet, Easton Synergy, the aluminum Gretzky shaft, the CCM helmet that every player in the late 90's wore, Messier's Cooper helmet, and other historic equipment would be amazing. WAY more custom goaltender pads...with historic ones to match certain era's. Can we please get a real selection of goalie helmets? Maybe some customization?

    #3. Historic logos. If you aren't going to provide the Thrasher's, couldnt we at least get the logo? Buffalo's Buffalo head logo (black and red)?

    #4. SELECT ARENA/OUTDOOR ARENA. I mean...seriously? This is 2020! Why?

    #5. Beefed up Stanley Cup celebration and observable awards for ALL YEARS of Franchise Mode. This is so obvious I feel frustrated by even having to type it. Being able to pass the Cup and skate around was one of the highlights of NHL 2k10...a game that I played for years after it's release because it was so ahead of it's time.

    #6. Shareable Rosters. I've created hundreds of former NHL's and it would be nice to be able to transfer those to a different PS4 if I had to buy a new one.

    #7. WAY more NHL Legends. There has to be a way. If I was a Minnesota Wild or Ottawa Senators fan, I'd be super disappointed by this years rosters. There are plenty of cult hero players for all NHL teams...no excuses.

    #8. ECHL in Franchise Mode.

    #9. Transfer Franchise and 30-40 year timeline.

    #10. NHL 2020 has THE WORST COMMENTATING of any NHL game that I remember...and I've owned 80% of them since 1997. Come on already.

    #11. Custom music. The 6 (or whatever) song rotation is absolutely maddening.

    #12. There's so much more...
  • Please...add Ice Hockey World Championship
  • lukasekc3k wrote: »
    Please...add Ice Hockey World Championship

    They used to have just a generic international tournament mode with pool play and they don’t even have that anymore. Thank god we have 1v1v1 on the pond and offline 3v3 on the pond though. Great game modes.
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