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Controller Input Delay

@NHLDev please enlighten us as to why so many games are “balanced” by one team constantly having to fight off your input lag. It’s ridiculous. Is this part of the DDA/tilt you guys implement into every game or what? Because it has absolutely nothing to do with my internet or connection or whatever else on my end. I know I’m not alone having to fight off thus force doing everything possible to throw me off whatever it is I try to do. Somebody explain, or even acknowledge what’s going on here.


  • EA $ports .. it’s in the game!! They got your $80 you can expect to hear from them in August 2020 where they can try to reach into your wallet again!
  • There's definitely an issue with input lag or unresponsive action like doing a toe drag and then the shooting animation not responding to get off the shot.
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