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Matchmaking out to lunch

Playing people 3 divs higher is not matchmaking. I'd like to play people my own skill level there is already major problems how the ai plays quadrupling this difficulty is not fun whatsoever. I did see a post where a developer stated matchmaking appears quite matched I'd strongly disagree I check every game my opponents current division and it does not match up well. Looking at stats on paper are not the same as being in game playing those opponents please add this to the fix list.


  • I would like to add I seem to have noticed the fairness adjustment has been tamed back or removed from the game recently I've noticed high end teams are noe having dramatic advantages as they should. This should remain high end teams with that effect. That's a step in the right direction. Just asking for matchups in same div.
  • Socair
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    The search does try to match within your division, but it moves on to within +/-5 divisions as time goes on. There just isn’t always going to be someone in the same division searching at the same time.
  • A game takes 20 min. I think I can wait for a fair game considering there are 150000+ players. Playing 3 divs off is a larger frustration and the games also are not fun. So there is little point to matching up players quickly like that. If it was a dating site this would be like hooking up Rita McNeil with Fabio. You never know but in most cases I don't think so.
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