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No custom tops in drop in?

So there are like, 3 different player models that load for me. When I first load the game the character I created is there exactly. When I choose 6v6, it updates and loads to a nearly identical player model, but with a stock top and slightly different blade tape style. One of the truly odd things is the "hoodie"... hooded sweatshirt, but whatever... is it's the Adidas black and white, which says it's locked.
Occasionally it would cycle through my club uniform in loading the models so I left club hoping that would help, all it did was remove it from the cycle of player models to load.

I'll go in, change my sweatshirt, save it, when it loads it's back to the stock Adidas one... which, again, is supposedly locked. I've put on parkas, jackets, jerseys... ALWAYS play in the black Adidas.

When I play drop-in every player has the stock Adidas sweatshirt, home black, away white.

Another strange thing... I unlocked the Trevor Linden jersey, but have NEVER played C in drop. Just 3s when I have to.


  • Socair
    2815 posts Game Changer
    It’s not a bug. This was born out of necessity last year as the various colours and patterns on the tops led to a lot of confusion on ice in 6s.

    If you played centre in a 3s game that still counts.
  • Thanks. I thought that might be the case but the person I asked says they see colored tops... but they're always seeing color, so...
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