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EA - Please Get Rid Of CR

Ok, I'm sure I will get a bunch of flack for this but hear me out. Back in the day I had a ton of buddies I played with. Some good players some bad. Now for whatever stupid reason I am somewhat obsessed with my CR (ya its a lame number that literally means squat overall) and I do not want to fall below 800 and I strive to hover around 1000. The flip-side is I don't like playing with friends who are going to cause me to lose points. This sucks because back in the day we all had fun drinking and playing and if we won great, if not who cares we had fun, lets keep playing. Now with CR being a dominant factor in my head I'm not wanting to risk playing with those friends in fear I will lose precious pointless CR points... Stupid I know, but its now a factor in my decision on who I will play with. CR should be based on how you play, not if you win or lose.. EA please get rid of CR and let us all have fun again. -- I know, it shouldn't matter, but honestly it kinda does (to me), as a sad as that is... Ya I know people will respond with who cares, just play blah blah points mean nothing... But seriously it is a deciding factor on who I play with and that's just wrong (and I admit its on me).. Just my 2 cents on this so take it as you wish.


  • I actually agree with you. It is easy to say who cares and keep playing regardless of losing but let's face it everyone wants a high CR. And in the end CR is solely based off of wins and not how you played. I could go from 1100 CR to 600 in a matter of a couple of days losing games, meanwhile I could be the best player on the ice during those games. It is a stupid stat but yes it does get into people's heads. If you aren't game sharing with anyone you can create an alternate account (this is what a lot of people do, including myself). So I have one account to play on my own/with randos/ with people who aren't as good, and then my main account to play with a full squad of people I trust.

    It's actually interesting. Last year my "solo" account got up to around 800-900 CR anyway. While my main finished off at 1150.

    Anyways, not a perfect solution but it works.

    CR needs to be removed or overhauled. Probably just removed as I wouldnt trust EA to implement something that works from grades. The other day I got booted out of a game for poor team play after taking just 2 penalties. Meanwhile I had a hat trick and a couple of helpers... so the grade system is pretty trash too.
  • Yea... my 72 year old dad has a 650.. lol. If you have lower then you’re a scrub.

    Kidding about being a scrub. But it’s a useless stat. Ignore it. Profit.
  • I have no idea why anyone looks at CR in this game let alone get all uptight about it. I remember when I was looking for a club last year and some guy asked me what my CR was and I said it was something like 850 or something. He was all excited. No idea why anyone even cares
  • CR gives you a very rough picture of who you're playing with/against but it's a very flawed system to say the least. For example, when someone is 700+, it could mean that they're decent/good players but you don't really know that. The only thing you know for sure is that they're winning more games than they're losing, which doesn't mean much either since they could very well be playing like crap on a good team and racking up Ws without doing anything (Yes, 1000+ CR scrubs exist). On the other hand, I've seen solid players with a low CR (below 500) because they just don't care about it and play a lot of drop-ins with randoms, etc.

    Some people put waaaay too much thought into this otherwise meaningless stat (e.g., having some absurd standards like refusing to play with someone below 1200 CR lmao, that's just sad and I've seen it multiple times on the ''looking for group'' page) and I agree that overall, it sucks the fun out of the game.

  • Great topic here.

    You guys are right. Back in the day nobody cared about any of this stuff and people were more likely to just play with anybody. Those days are gone.

    I made a thread about removing the search parameters for club so anyone could play anyone like back in the day.

    Now we just get great teams remaking clubs so they can beat up on low level players.

    Everyone should be able to play everyone to reduce search times combined with CR removal. It's such a toxic stat. I literally never send messages to players when I win in this game but if I am sitting at 1100 or 1200CR and we lose a game you can guarantee I will be on the receiving end of a "WOW YOU ARE TERRIBLE HAHAHA" message just because of some dumb number that means nothing.

    Even if they kept a variation of it and had rankings kind of like NBA 2K did last year but improved on it.

    Where you could bounce around through the rankings and if you have won a ton of games it says ELITE next to your name but no stupid number. If you are an ELITE and you play with your PRO or AMATEUR friend you don't get punished because the system respects playing with your bad friends. CR has ruined circles and friendships which is sad but also true.

  • Yea I completely agree here. CR is more harm than anything else and in my opinion, based on a totally flawed system.

    As was said earlier in this thread, I have seen 1100+ CR scrubs. Clealrly players that are carried by their friends.

    MY CR hovers around 550ish because I will play alot of dropins at any given time. I play club, bring it back up to 600-700 ish and next thing you know I am dropping in and boom, back down to 400-600 depending on certain weeks of good or bad luck with matchups.

    I really don't care what my CR is. All I know is, I am not good enough to shut down the top elite players to the point where they don't score, but I cut down their damage considerably. I hinder them quite alot and limit them in dropins as long as I have a half decent D man that understands D.

    Was playing 3s on Sunday and I had a pretty good Centerman (CR was around 625 if I remember) and our winger was actually pretty decent (CR was less than 500). I was playing D. We played 3 players that were obviously very comfortable with each other and they had pretty good chemistry. 2 Danglers and a Sniper on D and yes, we ended up losing 2-1. It was a great game and IMO, those 3 must smash alot of their opponents in dropins. Just so happens us 3 random players were having good chemistry too. Those 3 opponents were all 900+

    CR is meaningless, yet toxic.
  • @WainGretSki it's actually kind of funny how many times I have not had a 3rd player on to play club and we queue for drop-in and find a 650 that plays better hockey then most 1000+ players in this game. It's such a dumb way to measure skill.
  • Sneakler wrote: »
    @WainGretSki it's actually kind of funny how many times I have not had a 3rd player on to play club and we queue for drop-in and find a 650 that plays better hockey then most 1000+ players in this game. It's such a dumb way to measure skill.

    Yea I totally agree. As long as some friends can carry you, it would not be hard at all to get 1000+ CR. It as absolutely not any indicator of your skill, or how well you play your position.
  • de4c0nfr05t
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    CR should be hidden. It's supposedly for matchmaking purposes only, so there's no need for it to be displayed publicly. Players will quit lobbies because someone with a low CR joins their team. It just makes for longer matchmaking times, more menu surfing and frustration.
  • rick-rangerous
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    I totally agree that cr should be removed. But i don't think that it doesn't mean anything. Higher cr gives your players better (hidden) ratings or reduces the opponets ratings. We (our club members) are only playing after we searched our opponents to make sure we have a fair chance or an advantage. When we play teams that have around 50-100 cr less than we have, we sometimes can abandon our gamepads and win because every shot goes in. Are we lower in cr we get scored on from shots out of nowhere, goalie opens up etc...
    Watch closely and you will see.
    Best proof would be a profile change like when 1000crs change with 300crs. The used to winning 1000crs will get a bad wipping...it is what it is.
  • I like the idea of a reflective score to work towards earning, like CR, but the system itself is definitely flawed and maddening. It has made me a jerk at times, and usually that’s as a result of the opponent provoking something silly based on CR. If I win it’s because “I haven’t been exposed to sunlight in weeks and my CR is only high because I have no life” or when I lose, even if I played well, it’s because “I’m a scrub and trash and a bum since I lost to somebody with half my CR.” It’s crazy to even react, I know, but CR has become so dominant in people’s priorities within the game that it makes all of us somewhat toxic towards one another from time to time. It would be incredible for the CR to more elaborately reflect your performance and skill, but how that would come about is past my pay grade.
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