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Goalie masks and no helmet/mask option re: create a player.

Within the Create a Player section, please add these options:

Jason Voorhees type goalie face mask like the first masks to appear in the NHL (Cesare Maniago/Gary Cheevers type).

Please enable the option for both the players and goalies to have NO mask/helmet. There are numerous Alumni players I'd like to create that didn't wear masks/helmets when they played.

It's just not right for Bobby Orr or Bobby Hull to wear a helmet in this game!

Please add the play by play names of "Ciccarelli" and "Maniago" to the list.

Thank you!!


  • Efbomb
    192 posts Member
    edited October 2019
    Well, there used to be a work around to get guys to go without a helmet, but someone had said that EA fixed it. I haven’t tried it myself, so I can’t confirm or deny that.

    Here it is anyway.

    If memory serves, when creating a skater, assign them a full cage college helmet, then save. Go back into the creation zone and add a face shield to the helmet, then save again. Mind you, you have to do this in the creation zone, and not in “edit player”.

    If it worked, when you load up a game, they should not be wearing a helmet at all.

    I hope it does still work. I too am creating lots of Alumni players. While most of the CAPs I’m making played when helmets became mandatory, there are a few who went without.

    As far as the Friday the 13th masks, we’re out of luck on those. Best you can do is go with a cage or no mask (if the trick works).

    * Just tried. It doesn’t work. Booooooooo! *
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  • T2HD
    24 posts Member
    Hoping for a patch inclusion soon! 🙏🏼
    Thanks for the info and for trying the workaround again!
  • T2HD
    24 posts Member
    No helmet is an option in CHEL. Come on! No helmet should be an option in Create a Player too! We also still want the Friday the 13th Goalie Mask as an option!
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