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As far as Create a Player goes...

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... pretty please, with a cherry on top, bring back the option to have no play by play name. This is something that can be done in the next patch. I mean, if you can make a team with no audible name in CAT, why not have that option in CAP?

Case in point. I’m sitting here, making a bunch of CAPs, and I’m cursing the fact that the play by play name list is woefully lacking, and that I HAVE to pick some name that’s kinda similar. Out of the 30 CAPs I’ve made so far, only six of them have names that are on the list. Kinda kills the realism.

Either add more names, or bring back the option to not have one. I don’t know why it was ever removed.

Also, I know it’s illegal to use a players likeness without them signing a waiver, but there’s no law that says you can’t have their last name in a game. Without their picture and pertinent info, it’s just a name. How about adding the names of some of each teams top prospects?
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