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NHL 20 - Points System

Hi there,

I have just about had enough on NHL 20 already :(. I am a HUGE fan of the NHL games and the big problem from NHL 19->20 hasn't been fixed in my opinion. I spend all my time in HUT, including a vast investment of money. I am currently playing one of the seasons and the following has just happened AGAIN.

I was 7-2-0 in the season and just lost a game in overtime to a guy that is FAR better than I am. (I had 8 shots to his 30 for example). I was ranked 622 before the game, I lose 1 game and I am now 2111... I lose 273 points in 1 game. For me to now put the effort in and get back to my rank I will have to win like 8 games without a lose...

Can you PLEASE look into this. It seems unfair that the smartest thing to do is play your 3 games, and just not play any more games. I bought this game to play more than 3 games...


  • Mlb the show has the best point system
  • This is absolutely an issue. If you win 4,5 games in a row and the lose the next game, all of your points you accumulated during those wins will be wiped out by that one loss. I have played people well below my rank who played the game of their lives , and I was awarded 2 points for the win. 2 points. If i was to lose that game i would have lost over 200 points. Something is definitely wrong here. But isn’t that the norm here?
  • There needs to be a hard cap in place to set the maximum amount of points gained & lost per match, even though, honestly, I've literally won games and have gotten 1 point (Yes, in Competitive seasons). I've also been extremely discouraged by how harshly you are punished for a loss. Earlier this year, I think it was the Silky Silvers CS, I was in the top 50, and lost a game to rank 1 at the time... and I lost 374 points. It's such a bad joke, honestly. Ended up only top 1,000 or so, because I didn't have enough time to win 5+ games. =/
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    Yeah agree point system is messed up definitely needs changed
  • I've also observed that EA uses the same algorithm or system for your CR (Competitive rating) in VS or EASHL. Same thing, get rewarded for 2-5 points for winning and then 100+ for losing. I think its very plain to see that EA has made a total commitment to keeping the average player or newb who plays 5 games total a whole year in the games rather then creating a level paying platform that allows people skills to do the talking. I guess its all apart of the new snowflake generation. Everyone gets a participation award! Yeayay!!!!! But more importantly we all know its about the money! Sad thing is if you just stuck to some of your old models EA would probably be making the same money!!! EASHL with the +5 boosts! I bought em! NHL 13,14 HUT bought packs then because it honestly made a difference having better players! When you go through all of these forums the complaints are all the same! Ice Tilt, Attributes broken, competitiveness means nothing! Call it a conspiracy theory EA all you want but I think the common consensus is clear here!
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