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Real money spent to get crap

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I've spent over $60 dollars towards in game purchases/packs. I feel robbed and taken advantage of. Spending real money on packs should give you an advantage towards upgrading your team. Instead it is gamble that doesnt pay off. Very unpleased with the results of spending hard earned money for virtual trash. I am done!


  • Welcome to HUT - it´s in the game, not for just NHL 20, last year may figured out the same issue.
  • In fairness, they're not really trying to obfuscate the fact that packs are a lottery. Pack odds are easily accessible, so you can make a reasonably well-informed choice before you gamble your money. Many of the big packs have odds of less than 1% of receiving an 86+ OVR player, so what can you expect?
  • I think EA did a solid with the limited purchase theme packs with guaranteed collectable and event player. My biggest complaint about their pull-tabs was there was never items from the event in the event packs and they stepped up on that. I like that they're limited a bit pricey and untradable.

    Those that want also have the option of other packs with <1% odds but I only dip into those for swag to reroll or exchange in sets.
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