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Content Update: Addressed other issues not mentioned?

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Some things I noticed post-patch:

AI is relentless with scoring even on PRO. They are getting 3-4 goals in the first period post content update and hitting crazy angles. Pre-content update, the game could go into the 3rd with only 1-2 goals per team.

Pre-patch on PRO, I got a decent amount of penalties per team. Now, it seems only tripping is called and 99% is on my team and I play position lock. We're talking up to 4-5 power plays by the middle of the 2nd period for the AI.

None of my settings have been changed since the patch. I even checked to see if the game switched me to All Star.

The Power Play flashing logo is finally gone, but didn't see anything in the content update notes about this, so I'm wondering what else was changed?
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