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Server Fix

On most CHEL modes there is a setting for servers, so you can lock it to your best server. While this works most of the time during the evening, its not the case the rest of the 24 hours. So you put on relaxed and as a European team you get matched against an LG NHL team on the pacific server with some 240 ms ping. While this is a worst case scenario, there is a easy fix, (or so it seams to me).

Make us able to confirm "acceptable" servers.

So for me I would accept the Stockholm and the Galway server, and not the three NA servers.
Some gal in Texas might accept all three NA but not EU-ones.

Sounds really easy, make it happen please!

Matchmaking is still horrible btw. Talking to a friend while they search, and we cant find them OR any game. Also if a person enter or leave club, the lobby seams to bug and cant find a team forever even at primetime. The quick fix is to let all exit the lobby, and reenter, where you instantly find a game.


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