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Will the AI passing ever get fixed??

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edited October 2019
This is ridiculous. Why is this not a priority for EA? The AI passing in this game is horrible! Again, my Chicago AI controlled player (gray) can easily get out of the zone. What does he do? He passes BACK to another player by the net, which gets intercepted by the other team. Why is EA not addressing this?? It happens all too frequently in the game. I've posted other videos on this as well. 2 "content updates" later and nothing.


  • Steven5470
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    edited October 2019
    Seriously EA?

    Again, the AI logic with passing is horrible. My AI Player (white jerseys) passes the puck to the player who misses it. He (AI) goes back to get the puck and passes it BACK to the other team in my zone! He could have turned the other way and sent it up the boards!

    This is NOT a rare thing. This happens a lot.

  • simpyforzibby
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    To answer your question:

  • But wait! There's more! (sigh) My team on the Power Play. My AI controlled player to clear the zone....nope! Passes back.

  • AI passes better than most humans.
  • AI passes better than most humans.

    It does. But it has only 2 ways of passing. Pin point accuracy no matter where they are on the ice, or completely unaware illogical pass choices.
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