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Covering the boards?

Defending breakout passes no matter what strategy you got on, I think weak side lock should fo it but don't, the defence just straight up refuses to stay on the boards and cover the passes.

What is your best strategy for covering long breakout passes up the boards in HUT


  • boumbidiboum
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    edited October 2019
    I use 1-3-1 agressive and to make sure that I always have a defenseman behind and keep the trap/forecheck slider to 6 (kind of middle). You don’t want your setting to be too aggressive, but not too passive either (they will not do anything and your opponent will be able to do what they want). I don’t think there’s a miraculous strategy that block the breakaway pass successfully on a constant basis. I usually let my AI rush toward the player with the puck and I focus on trying to place my player where I think they will pass. Another hint, would be not to touch any button to dive or block the pass, just try to place your player in a good position to intercept it and you should be good. If you see that you are a little bit to far from the passing lane, sometimes you can poke check and it will extend your stick toward the puck and grab it. You need to press RB at the right time and be positioned so that your stick is placed precisely where the puck will pass exactly when it does pass, so I would not count on this just a last resort thing.

    Anyway, the best thing is to do it yourself (pass interception) and not to press too much buttons and let the game do his job.
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