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Active roster bugs (selecting, merging, crashes)

Some major, game-crashing bugs have been happening to me after merging, or attempting to merge, the 10/24/19 roster with a custom roster. (PS4, fully up to date system and game)

1. [b]Switching to Custom Roster from Online Roster or different Custom Roster will not load created players or teams without game restart (this includes merging)[/b]

Any time I try to move from one roster to another, the game either doesn't show any created objects, or corrupts them. For example, I have 8 teams created, each with identical placeholder rosters (at 98 OVR). After switching, if the teams appear in the list, most have 50 OVR, and opening one crashes the game. Upon reloading the game the correct roster comes back. Most of the time, though, the created teams/players do not even show up. When you close and reload, they come back.

2. [b]Roster merge does not save custom teams or players[/b]

I still haven't figured this one out, or in which order the rosters have to be selected for the created teams/players to appear in the newly merged roster. 9 times out of 10 the new roster shows no created teams (both before and after turning the game off and on again). Which one has to be selected first in order for it to work? Do you have to start with the custom roster active, or the online roster active?

3. [b]Crash on selecting certain created teams after merging roster[/b]

This one is brand new to me, happening only yesterday and today. After (somehow) successfully merging my Custom Roster with the 10/24/19 roster, the roster changes show up, and my collections of Custom Players/Teams appear as they should. However, trying to move the cursor to a created team (in the Creation Zone) instantly crashes the game [b](Error Code CE-34878-0)[/b]. All Custom Teams are selectable, and I assume playable, from Play Now, but I cannot select, or even move the cursor over the team name, from the Creation Zone.


  • I have a same problem
  • Bumping with an update (and an apology on the failBBCode - it's been a while since I last used it)

    I was able to merge the latest roster (11/01/19) with my custom teams, but now it changed every color in the logo to gray (except for one, which went white). It no longer crashes upon selection but the colors, jerseys, arena, basically everything is wiped clean.

    I assume it's tied to there being a new default arena when loading in a team (the EASHL one?) which goes away when you attempt to modify any part of the arena.
  • It also sets every option for the team to "1" - Jersey, Font, Arena, Pants, Socks.
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