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Don’t buy packs

Maybe this will help developers listen to your complaints. nothing has helped before , so this could be a way to do so


  • You may want to specify a little more what complaints you think this strategy will affect @habsmarkov70

    Also given that the packs are so cheap this year compared to last, and the rewards from all the comps you can play give you packs as well as coins this year mean that free to play has never been better in NHL to my limited knowledge. Not buying packs when I don't buy packs won't have much impact on EA, sorry.
  • if you don’t buy packs, i don’t know why you are in this post. To expand on what i said, Ea obviously doesn’t make money on selling the game, they make money on the in game purchases like packs and other things . So my thought is hit them where it hurts, becaus obviously they cater to the ridiculous players on plays of the month . L2ing and behind back tucks etc...
  • What is ridiculous about playing the game and pulling of dekes they way the game is intended to be played - the plays of the week in the real NHL feature spinorama's and deke's which break ankles. Are you going to complain about the lacrosse style goal that Andrei Svechnikov scored the other day because it wasn't just a slap shot from the blue line?
  • Packs are good.

    I'm not going to play for hours at a time to collect all the rewards in the challenges. If I want to be able to roll sets and try to land higher rated player cards I'm going to buy packs.

    I think EA has improved the packs immensely this season. The best addition has been the Weekly Event packs that guarantee the collectable and an event player. The limits on the other packs and the lower cost are also much needed additions to the system.

    As for EA's revenue you should know that you are the product in the online market place. Your information is the revenue driving everything in this industry. The what, when, where and how mulitplied by how often is what they're after. The game is only the delivery method. It's the chip for the dip.

    EA is a known brand with millions of players playing their games so they can charge for games. If they were a startup or needed a lager sample size these games would be free like Fortnite.
  • Coins on packs yes
    Money on packs NONONO
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