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If u can't fix matchmaking see you around (as in never)

Not playing this garbage anymore if cards don't behave as per their stats. So sick of undeserved downscaling adjustments from being in higher divs plus the stacking of another fairness adjustment for having high rated overalls. The game is literally unplayable in div 7 unless you use a team of 81-82 players. Pauses on open nets, can't pass even 10 feet in game. Opposition goalie unbeatable while mine leaves half the net open. Players not going for the puck, not able to get within the opposition force field for any defensive play. The game is without exaggeration unplayable. It's a complete waste of my time never mind the frustration.

Seriously community members know this and exploit this freebie advantage in some way or form. If you can't build an honest game well cheers. For every casual you are maybe welcoming you are losing a die hard and or creating exploiters downscaling their team.

Where is my reward for hard work and obtaining good players when they are obscenely muted by these adjustments. If this problem is not fixed quickly I'm happy to point it out and never come back.

Just had a game against a noob seemed very unskilled. Thanks to the adjustments, the gimmes, the 60% reduction in my teams abilities and the 60% upscaling in theirs the game ended 6-0 loss. Who is going to put up with this? Seriously?

It's within EAs reach to get rid of adjustments and have truly fair divisions. For now I'm out and not coming back until this is implemented.

And I'm talking within rivals where I had to waste 5 games, over two hours to be fairly ranked. Completely unacceptable to have any fairness adjustments in those games.
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