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Rivals De-synchers going un-punished

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edited November 2019
Hi EA,

You're awesome support does nothing except re-direct players here.

I have encountered various bugs with this game, most I let slide because I know I should value my time better than wasting it trying to find a REASONABLE resolution with your support options.

Its absolutely amazing that you have a new game mode that rewards players and absolutely disgusting at how you spend your resources setting peoples coins to zero instead of offering stable servers and a game mode that isn't riddled with scum that waste your time invested into a game for them to disconnect you so you receive zero rewards for playing and they can go absolutely untouched.

I have video evidence of several de-synchs, and after reporting players for violating terms of conduct last year with proof, whats the point?

I would love for someone, who isn't outsourced from India, to discuss what expectations EA truly has regarding its player base. Is it unreasonable to expect a fair playing field and a company to back up its product with a reasonable response to cheating?

Or is it reasonable to expect that instead only abusers and glitchers and cheaters will be rewarded.

Its in your court EA, but sadly it appears that everyone associated with NHL only sees this as a stepping stone to projects they actually care about. Do something.
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