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Don't spend money on a broken game

To all players thinking of upgrading your team....don't.

This game is all controlled by fairness adjustments. There are two main determinations how well your team will behave.

The first determinant is your ranking level. If you are lower than the player you are matched to you will get a huge boost in performance and positioning. Conversely if you are matched up against someone in a lower division you can bet your team will be muted quite a bit.

The second determinant is the two team overalls. If your team is a lower overall you will get better positioning more chances and overall better passing and goaltending.

The third level is your actual play. If you make solid passes you will not lose these advantages. If you get intercepted you will.

This really is the programming which explains almost all the "please fix the ai" threads

The game has little to do with the cards and players you choose so don't go crazy even bothering to upgrade your team.

In fact the most solid build you can make is a group of 81-82 players with a few 86 players overall.

Once you learn better play you will realize the better cards actually create more grief than help. You will only notice these fantastic cards performances if and only if you are playing someone in your own skill bracket and with a very similar team overall as yours is

So don't spend any money on this game the matchmaking is broken and all that perceived notion about the elite players is not consistently available.

Just an honest heads up hint to help you figure out this infuriating game. Your cards will work relatively fine up to div 8. Beyond that expect them to become slow moving, non aggressive, miss and pause open sides of the net and make errant passes. Expect your goalie to let in the most impossible shots too.

Insist on better matchmaking not these fairness adjustments. Stop upgrading your team with your time or money.


  • I don't agree.

    Top players consistently win a heck of alot more games than they lose.
  • I don't agree.

    Top players consistently win a heck of alot more games than they lose.

    You took the words out of my mouth, and the off the page from so many posts I made last year.....
  • Top players are top players im not disputing that. What i said still applies to fairness embedment in the programming. Notice i am not calling this tilt im calling it an adjustment how your team performs. Ive got a 87 overall team with many synergies active its been about 40 games since ive had a deflection goal or breakaway with this team. Been getting owned by 82 teams so i make my own and now im getting all kinds of free gimmes and breakaways with no active synergies whatsoever. Again top players are top players but i sure would place money on a top player with a lower oversll team going head to head sgainst another top player sporting an icon team for example
  • Stop playing HUT, that's your problem.
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