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This stuff doesn't even make sense EA.

There are some things in the game that just absolutely blow my mind on how EA thought it was ok, mostly when it comes to AI. Like how the instantly dump the puck around the boards when they have the slightest bit of pressure on them, but then when the dump around the boards is the right play to make they don't do it. The AI forwards have no idea how to defend the rush if they are covering for a defender, have you ever watched them? They will literally stop, and skate straight forward (while they were skating backwards defending mind you) and just skate ten feet the wrong direction before they realize it's not even close to the right play.

And playing be a pro or EASHL with AI teammates is extremely frustrating, downright impossible for me to play sometimes, for one, at least in Be A Pro, theres no way to see what team strategies you have, so you have to watch what your teammates are doing in order to assume the area you should be covering, well the problem there is that if you are even a millimetre out of position the ai will start to scramble to cover your area, throwing everything off. But EA just says "You need to be in better position" Well I've literally had my AI teammate skate directly into me to cover my area. On the highest difficulty. The AI is constantly acting like you aren't out there and like they have to cover your non-existent mistakes.

One more final and BIG point I'll bring up is in Be A Pro; the ice time feature is soooo un authentic its disgusting. I am on the first PP unit, and first line, most points and PP points in the league, PP is a solid 35% so far, but yet I never start a power play? I always get thrown out there were 40 seconds to go on that. I start a brand new shift, play for 5 seconds, draw a penalty and I'm off the ice in favour for the second PP unit which scores maybe two goals in a month. I really don't understand at all because it's not like I'm tired. Coaching should be more dynamic make it feel more realistic. We are paying $80 for this game for the third year in a row.
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