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Can someone please explain hut rivals ?!

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edited November 2019
I guess im stupid but I just dont get it.

The game doesnt explain anything other than sounding like a weekday morning gameshow host: "Win fabulous prizes! Climb the ranks and you can WIN !!!"

What I want to know is:

How many points do you get for win/loss?

How are the points/ranks calculated?

Do I need to score 5 goals 20 shots to get the maximum points like squad battles?

What is the "weekly game limit" and why isnt it displayed?? Also , how many points do I currently have because thats also unclear.

Do I lose points for a loss?? Or just not gain as much as for a win? Also can you lose the hut champions points??

I started in Div 1, lost one game in OT and was deregulated to Div 2. Why? Is it possible to get back to Div 1? And If I lose more games will I be Deregulated again to Div 3??

Why is this so confusing??? Is it just me?


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