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Behind the back pass interceptions have to stop

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edited November 2019
I know this has been brought up before but the defensive ai auto pass interceptions are still op.

There are just way too many instances where you release a lazer beam pass behind the back of a random ai defender, sometimes whos even back-checking in full stride, and they just auto spin and snag the pass like it was nothing.

Like what do they have a rear view mirror on their helmet??

I mean I get that NHL defenders are really good and may sometimes pull this off but the fact that it happens 99% percent of the time is a little ridiculous and if you saw a player repetitively do this in a real game youd say it looks like a video game move.


  • Not even exclusive to AI defenders.

    This happens all the time in EASHL as well. Fully powered up passes are being intercepted and glued to the stick when they aren't even facing the direction of it.

    It is ridiculous.
  • I have a feeling this will not stop. Hopefully I'm mistaken, but these pass interceptions are also tied to pass receptions of your own players. Much like a D-man passing the puck up the ice to a forward that's streaking, if they tweak the interceptions, you'll also see forwards missing passes that they're not facing the puck for.
  • The mechanics are tied in but the animation is not. Now if the player kind of slowed down while making the interception and had his body curled then it wouldn't be so bad but when the interception occurs, the receiver just keeps full momentum. I seethis hapoening in the neutral zone mostly and it's just another unfair advantage the forwards get. Speaking on EASHL
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