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WOC CPU players need to be toned down. WOC is a mode for HUMAN players to play against HUMAN players. We should WANT to have all human players on our team! CPU players know where the puck is going before it goes, they hit like an enforcer, skate faster than a sniper, pick off passes FAR better than a defensive defenseman, you can't hit them sometimes (like you can a human) and make some crazy goals at times. The CPU is so good that many of my friends have lost interest in the game and don't want to purchase.

CPU players are bad in 3's due to their puck tracking and ability to intercept passes.

They're REALLY bad in threes due to their ability to pick off ANY pass that comes near them on a very small rink, ability to (make you move around them) Dodge hits, and win puck battles. There is currently a club named "pass it to CPU" it's two guys that have 1,000 CR and they depend heavily on having a great mascot.

In 6s dropins they're also a problem. God forbid we go up by 2 goals because people will quit, they'll be replaced by CPU players and those CPU's have a much better shot at beating you. I was up 5-0 in a drop-in game and we ended up losing 7-6 at the end. EVERY goal they had was scored by CPU players.

I get needing to have good CPU players in HUT, you only control one guy so the CPU SHOULD be good. In WOC EA should be trying to get players to play with other players and punish players that try to depend on CPU.

I personally believe we need more ways to hook up with other players as well. I play a lot and have found other players to play with but it didn't happen overnight. It took me a while to find guys that fit my style and I had fun playing with. I think there are a variety of ways we can do this. Each player should be able to add their name to a free agent list if they're looking for a club (this listing will be removed after 48 hours or so to avoid having too many) if someone clicks your name it should have all your stats and build(s). They could invite you to a tryout (private game with other FA's) I also believe pro am should be replaced with a be a pro (with locked difficulty) and stats should be tracked there as well so people can judge your abilities w/o it being affected by who you're playing with/against. Obviously of I'm playing with bad or good people my stats change a LOT!

Trying to find a club game with 5 people (if I don't have a goalie) can take forever you search again by not matching room size and you will get a team of 2. Two guys... Playing 6's. They will cherry pick the entire game and let their REALLY good CPU's play defense. You will often lose this game so it's not worth playing. They have fun playing like this because they depend entirely on CPU to play d and they will score cheesy goals all game long.

This game has a lot of problems but I think dropping their abilities significantly and pushing players to play with each other would be a step in the right direction. I would also suggest dropping CPU goalie abilities and giving human goalies a LOT more love for playing such a tough position (but that's just another problem)

Make the CPU not pick off passes so much, make them slower, make them actually get hit like humans, make their shot aim worse! This is such an easy fix. Players who want better CPU players either play HUT or WANT to depend on their CPU players to defend the other team and help them win games because they're not good or don't want to learn to defend. PLEASE FIX THIS!! I get CPU players position bad, just because coding them is hard doesn't mean you just boost their stats so much that they play COMPLETELY different from any human!
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