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Couch play is really bad

Hi could you do something with it ?If you play 2v1 in online seasons the player who plays alone has very big AI assist .AI does stick check for him ,interceptions and hits . When you play 1v1 or 2v2 everything is okey ,but 2v1 is like we have pro AI opponent has Superstar .Worst thing is that we can`t even search for only 2v2 games .So where is fairness in that ?Could you please do something . Because it looks like you even don`t care about couch mode


  • I play quite a lot of HUT co-op online against single players and haven't noticed any AI assist. The only time time it feels like my opponent has some kind of assist in 1on1 or co-op is when the connection is bad.
    Would be cool if there were more content for online co-op, pack rewards, comp seasons etc.
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