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NHL 20 Patch Details April 3rd

Check out our April 3rd patch details here.

Goaltenders and Puck Playing

Two major issues come to mind when we talk about the goaltender playing the puck.

1.) Puck Playing is nearly non-existent.

Especially evident on power plays, you rarely ever see the goaltender take a stroll behind the net to stop the puck as so the defenders don't have to use more energy than required to acquire a cleared puck. It's absurd how this is a fault, as I know from personal experience that goaltenders are ENCOURAGED to play the puck when possible.

2.) Covers are spastic and slow.
This is like two issues in one, so I'm going to address both of them. The first is the spastic covers, where goaltenders appear to have problems holding the puck after initially controlling, sometimes losing control more than once while in covering position despite no opposition bumping the goaltender. The second issue is how slow the AI goaltenders are with covers. When the puck lays in front of the goaltender, more than 90% of the time it'll take them two to three seconds to recover from the shot and cover the puck.

The second issue, however, is a little more tricky to figure out. I may see this more often than others for these reasons:
1.) I'm solely using two teams to test gameplay sliders, CBJ and NJD, both of which do not have the greatest goaltenders.
2.) I'm using a custom roster set, which puts Korpisalo's (CBJ) recovery at 82, and Blackwood's (NJD) recovery at 86. I have noted this slow recovery issue harming Korpisalo more frequently than Blackwood, so recovery might affect it.
3.) Custom Sliders: My attribute effect slider is maximized. While this is highly unrecommended, I've found a way to make realistic gameplay and large skill gaps.

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