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Pre-Order Diamond packs

When are the pre-order diamond packs released each month?


  • They been earlier each month so far
  • Z0mbieBabyJesus
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    edited November 2019
    I thought the preorder bonus was the cover athletes, and the diamond packs, 1 or 2 per month, were for the 2 more expensive versions of the game?

    Because I preordered, but after the summer date that gave the cover athletes. Why would I spend extra money for diamond packs if I could simply get them by ordering earlier?

    **guess I was only half right. Why would the diamond packs be in anyway whatsoever linked to pre ordering when spending extra money? There's absolutely no Friggin way the home town hero players that gain +1 a month until 90 are worth that extra cash. Evey other year, the increased price is what got you the weekly packs.

    This seems... Very odd, and almost theft with how much the higher tier version costs. With that price, ea should have given everyone the cover athlete AND packs regardless. Smh.
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